[25 M] Neo: A New Journey

Day 5

Going good now.

I go to swimming in morning then I just do my work…

In night… I just don’t use phone…any YouTube etc.

So no problem…no urges now.


First 7 days completed. Had some urges yesterday. I will try to keep it going as long as I can but no hard limits on myself.


High and frequent urges since morning… I am at my workplace… Still feeling urges in the middle of work. It is hard to focus in work.

Fuck!! What is this crap. I am hating this habit, everytime I feel urges, I realise more, how much strong and bad this habit is.

I am not going to fap today… NOT TODAY.


8 days 17 hours… First aim achieved.

I targeted 7 days only… I won that.

Now I aim next 7 days again.


I relapsed again.

This is my problem… Even after 7 days of nofap… I feel like chaser effect caught me.

I know my mistakes this time… I watched Porn… Which was not an option. Porn stays in my mind and lead to second relapse.

Another mistake is… After relapse last night I decided to sleep in morning and skip my exercise.

No matter what… I have to follow my routine. This fapping etc should not break my routine. After relapse, next day I feel lazy…so it is important for me to follow routine that day by hook or crook.

Anyways… Now I will keep in mind these 2 mistakes and keep going with my journey.

Next 7 days… No fap.

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Hi brother @neo_150 .
Do you remember me?

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Yeah bro… How are you?

Great bro. I’m Free from PMO.


Ohh … glad to hear this from you bro… I am happy for you bro.

I am still fighting. Tell me about chaser man… I hold for some days but if bymistake or somehow I relapse… chaser effect drag me back to square one.


As you may remember, I was one of the most relapsing guy in this forum. I was addicted for around 13 years in that shit and for 5 years I was trying to be free. But I hardly crossed 4 days. Maybe 2/3 times I went for 10 days and highest was 12 days. Even in almost every competition in this forum I was first to relapse. But now today is my 64 days, and it was not that hard. Even it’s not hard for anyone. Seriously it’s easy to escape PMO.

Bro there’s a lot of brainwashing and false information and you all are trying to be free based on the brainwashing, so you are finding it hard. You can’t win this way, you are brainwashed. You need to know the truth.

The only and easiest way to leave PMO is to know the truth about pmo, clearing those brainwashings. How I left PMO? I just knew the truth and i stopped. It’s that easy. When you will know, why you do PMO, why you have those cravings and reality about p*, You will automatically stop. Look, if you want you can easily drink your urine, but you will never do it. Why? Because it’s disgusting. You don’t need willpower not to drink urine. You just don’t drink it. When you will truly know about PMO, clean your brainwashings, you will never do it. Even You don’t need any willpower, you Will find it easy.

Moral of the story, READ ," Easy Peasy HackBook"

I know you are finding my texts weird. Even first when I started to read the book, after few pages I threw it. Didn’t touched it for 8 months. I thought it was bhogus. But one time I couldn’t find any other way but to read the book. Then my only regret was i wasted 8 months.


You may wonder how a book can free me from PMO!!!
It’s like magic. It is not magic, but it feels like magic after reading it. The book only gives you the true information about PMO and most importantly removes those brainwashings. And you are good to go.


Trust me give it a try.
Even I, the most relapsing guy, found it easy to leave PMO. I didn’t have any chaser effect, didn’t felt bad. Even the recovery period was easy and peace.
It’s a totally different approach. You will feel free even before you decide to leave PMO. You will know that you will never do PMO just from the moment you decide to leave. And after you decide to leave, you will feel relieved and relaxed. No chaser effect, no bad withdrawal pangs. Just feeling your free life from the moment you leave.


Ohh… It means I have already wasted more than a year.

I started reading it last year after someone adviced me…but then I stopped. You are also telling the same thing.

Ok bro, I will read it. I have an exam in next week… Till the exam I will read a page daily and after that I will finish this book asap. I promise bro.

I will post here every day.

Thanks for your support bro.

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You need to follow the advice according to the book. You may find few things hard to believe or weird. But stick with it. It’s a totally different approach. It’ll be all clear when you will finish the. Grasp it all.

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Update 25th Nov 2022

STREAK 1: 4 days

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