[25 M] Hubinho's new diary for new rewiring

My time management completely sucks. And here we go, another middle of the night with me writing my thesis.
Plus due to recent relapses, I feel tired 24/7. It’s extremely hard. I want to finish it asap.

But today I have realised one important thing. Watching porn is not only wasting time, energy, feeding addiction… It’s cheating. Cheating on my girlfriend and cheating on myself. How can I propose to my girlfriend in the following days when I cheat on her. I will keep it on my mind.

Last time we met it was one day after my relapse. She knows me well, the only thing she doesn’t now is my addiction. So when we met she was very happy at first as we were missing each other so much. But only moment later she started asking why I look so sad, what happened to my face, it doesn’t look well. I said sth like I’m stressed about my thesis. It was so obvious on my face that I relapsed…

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