[25 M] Bzh's Diary

I am a PhD student from France and I start fighting with this addiction 5 years ago. My highest streak is 65 days, but it was a long time ago.
I want to take control of my life again, especially the romantic part. In order to do that I will write in this diary, at least the first 30 days.

21/12/2020 : day 0 I am on holidays at my parent’s home so it is harder than when I work because I have more free time. I will compensate by sports, going outside and not going too much on my computer.


I’m ok today, I went shopping. I also blocked search engines on my mobile phone since it is very difficult to control my urges with my phone constantly with me. It is a bit like an alcoholic working in a pub. I may get it back but for now, I don’t need it.

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I PMO once today, I was very tired since I slept not a long time. In the next days, at least until going back to work, I will take care of avoiding it and meditating.

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I am at 10 days of no PMO and I am happy. I have a stressful meeting this week so I have still to be careful.

Hi , I am at 16 days and I am stressed so I come here to read other’s stories.
Keep faith in yourself, we will do it!

Hi, I am at 20 days today, I am having an urge so I will let it go and go to work.
I will also take a cold shower to stop the urge.