[24M] TheChakraGuy's Dairy

Hey Man,

well, Honestly it was trigger… A girl that I was talking to… I barely use Insta and don’t have tiktok.
I was never really into p+++ much. but reddit is a different story, I was addicted to it.

But I have been trying to keep every moment of mine busy, that is the only thing that helps, really !!

Cheers, and welcome to my thread :slight_smile:

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You have my support, I don’t know how to be reddit addicted, but I had a colleague at work that I saw him constantly on reddit so I know people can be trapped in reddit.
Real girl trigger is better than any pixel girl. Keep conquer yourself :+1:

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Appreciate it Budd, If you don’t know what’s on reddit it’s better. Sometime knowing less is better ig guess. I wish I had been in your shoes.

The Chakra Guy :slight_smile:

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Note to self, Never talk to your ex again … fkin bitch ~~!

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Detach and breath, detach and breath


True that brother !!