[23 M] Slave of allah's journey to purity and sincerity

Day 7

Completed my project Alhamdulillah…

Urges are mild and controllable.

Trying to be consistent with my habits.

Again Alhamdulillah ,

Let’s go further ahead and see what’s In store for me to face which will make me stronger and better


Day 8

Alhamdulillah very few urges

But some of the flashbacks are there and I snap back after a few minutes, I know I should snapp back within seconds but it takes more time for me since I am a beginner.

Alhamdulillah read 2juz today.

Slow but gotta be consistent


Day 10

Alhamdulillahi ala kulli haal

Slowly and consistent ya guyz

Been offering my daily prayers and reading Quran, making suhoor for fasting and running some errands for house, I live alone with my brother so pretty much all the work including, cleaning cooking and stuff to be done by me and my bro, my brother mostly busy with his job, as I am yet to get a job so…

Anyways feeling good and will reward myself with something sweet and simple and next waiting to reach 15days .

Allahul musta’aan.


:heart_eyes: :yum:
Bhai Alag alag… :sweat_smile:

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Hihi, kya karein, aajao tumhein bhi khiladeta hun😜

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Day 12
All praises be to Allah

Feeling free of lust, free of sadness and free of constant negative thinking, though there are still some flashbacks coming back to me but mostly I can feel free of those shackles,

Been trying to be productive, did my chores last night which I hadn’t for the past week or so, and made full fledge food for suhoor.
:yum::yum:say Mashaa allah, :sweat_smile:.

#slow, consistent, productivity, sincerity and purity

Subhaan Allah
Laa ilaaha illallah
Allahu akbar


Ma sha Allah…:yum:
Allah hu akbar…

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Day 13,


Trying to be productive

Washed my dishes, well they were so many since I hadn’t done them for about a week(I know it’s not good)

Daily prayers, some prayers got delayed though, may Allah forgive me, I will be careful next time

Cooked suhoor.

I had promosed myself to read 2full Quran this month but sadly only 1 and some juz.

In sha allah let’s try to keep up the good deeds even after ramadan.

Had huge urges last night, didn’t know if I was going to go forward but Alhamdulillah called a friend and spoke for some time and the urges went away.


Day 14

Alhamdulillah one more day of fast In my country as the moon was not sighted.

I feel free now Alhamdulillah, though the urges come out of nowhere sometimes, I wont give in ever
In sha allah

#small but consistency🔥


keep going bro. goodjob :+1:


Day 16

Man today was the toughest day i had, after waking up in the morning I had a strong urge, from past 3days I am having morning wood and strong urge to touch, but it was controllable but in the evening after taking a nap, I was 99.999% gonna relapse, I was going touch myself and I was about to go there filthy sites, Allah saved me, I found the courage to get up and take a shower. Then called a friend and the urges went away.

Even earlier I mostly used to relapse after waking up, so need to be careful.

Man these 16days weren’t easy, all it takes is one slip to fall right back where you started, especially during first 30days

This is the 1st time I overcame an urge this strong.

This urge made me realize how much addicted I am

I must always be conscious and focus on productive habits and constantly seek help from Allah(swt), for he(swt) is the only one who can help us in being the best version of ourselves and he is the best of providers


Day 17

After overcoming yesterday’s urge I tried sleeping last night but couldn’t, and then it was fajr time and I didn’t sleep even then, read few verses of quran, bought breakfast from outside, then slept at 11am and got up at evening 5pm,
Didn’t do much productive work today, again it is getting late now, will get up early morning and start my day good, in sha allah

Urges were minimum today, alhamdulillah

Let’s go…


Mashallah Akhi
Great to hear you are back with this solid number.
Keep it up.

May Allah guide us all to the right path.


He is my brother from another mother


Ameen ya rabbal aalameen

Urges kick in sometimes but not like when the chaser effect is going on…

Now 20 days and going Alhamdulillah


Please add me sharig code (ltnglc)


Ok bro, I will add you

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Thanks…bro for adding me…need some info about group

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Which group you mean bro?

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Assalamualaikum brother…
This is not a group this is a dairy…
you can join muslim community group…