[22M] Bob's Diary _ For the days when I feel the urge to analyse their validity

This is my 3rd day and I’m feeling tremendous urge to release myself. It’s mainly because in the past 3 days

  1. I got scolded by teachers
  2. Had a heated argument with my mom
  3. Got falsely blamed by classmates
  4. Girlfriend is upset about her life and I can’t do anything as I am miles away. All I’m doing is trying to make her happy, but nothing is enough.
    The days are going really rough so my brain is sneaking on to me and telling, " Hey, you are having a tough time. Let’s have a shot so that we can feel calm".
    I said, “Aha! Not gonna happen. This is the God’s way of testing me of my dedication. This too shall pass, but the regret that’ll come after jerking will not go. And I’ll eventually give uo on this journey. Whatever it takes, I won’t fall”
    On the first day, I said that I’m masturbating for the last time and I hate to disobey myself.

I agree that your day may be rough. But us it really?

  1. You are privileged enough to go to a learning centre and are one of the small percentage of the world that is educated.
  2. You have parents that care for you and want to correct you for the better.
  3. You are ready to accept blame and the reality that this world is unfair. That’s because the world is not our home. (Are you a Christian?)
  4. You have a girlfriend who trusts you enough to tell you her problems. You are committed enough to try to fix them. Also she still likes you even with a long distance relationship (compared to wannabes who go chasing after women and failing daily).

It’s a matter of perspective, mate.


You just made my day, mate! Never thought of these perspectives, thanks a lot for showing a whole new different picture of the world around me.

The answer of your question
Being Christian, Hindu or Muslim doesn’t matter - as long as we believe in the same thing and we are on the same journey, we all have one religion i.e. humanity.

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Sure thing man! No probs. Assume things are better now :slight_smile:
About religion- you had mentioned God so that’s why I asked

Yeah, things are much fine now… Like awesome!

And I refer God as the supreme power or energy of the universe that is unexplained by science yet and which conspires to make us stronger.

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I feel okay, I’ve already broken my record. the fact that my girlfriend is feeling good today made me loose myself over her and she looked so perfect today that I couldn’t restrain myself from ejaculating while in video call.
Next time would be a notch higher! I am greater than my addiction :relieved:

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I am much behind my schedule. This is making me irritated, so much so that I’m procrastinating more and not able to focus on my work. My brain is saying that you will feel motivated when you feel good and you will feel good when I get dopamine. I said, “Ahaa! I got you again. You can’t mess up with me unless I’ve a solid reason”
If everyone here is doing, even I can beat my urge. May God bless me!

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