22 years old Virgin and trying to left the vicious

Hello there my dears partners, a russian friend recommended me this app to left my porn adicction. I’ve been always alone in my life. No GF and since I was 14 I started to fap, it was like a wonderful word that you can get pleasure just using your own hands. The years passed and right now I don’t even count how many times I fap per day. maybe 8 or 9? idk exactly. Anyway guys my mood is sad all the time I don’t want study and. I don’t want do anything . for my. own. issues… I’ve been 4 hours without fap and Idk if I can reach the week. I’m not happy actually this is so wrong I want to fap but i know when I end it feels lonely… what’s your opinion guys?


I agree… can I fix this? somehow…

Well my experience tell me that having your mind focused in other stuff is really helpful to get out of porn and masturbation. Days fly by if you’re busy at something.
In your case you might have to struggle more to get it, since you’ve doing it for so long and so often, yet you can still do it of course.
Keep focused on what you want to get, say, a girlfriend. Think that if you don’t fap and watch porn, you will eventually feel more “strong” or with more control of your decisions (you feel like you can do whatever you want).
Of course all of this doesn’t happen after a day without porn and fap, but after weeks or months even.
I’m not an expert on this and I started this about a month ago, but I can feel more “motivated” to do stuff that wasn’t for me a few years back.
Keep it up and struggle the last bit of you to get rid of what you don’t want. First weeks are really challenging but then you sort of get used to it.
Keep it up and stay strong.

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First week is the hardest part. You have to not think of fapping for even a second.
You should not watch read any sexy stuff.
Not even fantasise.

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When jerk off you are literally jerking off your life force when you stop doing it you will go throw recovery at first you will be tired and then energy will come back, by that I mean your dopamine levels will be recovered might take a while but if you are honest and disciplined which you will gain after you see the benefits you will understand. After that you will start experiencing many emotions then mental clarity then creativity go on youtube start looking at DIY VIDEOS just something go outside run a little bit you will be grateful when you look back and realise how pathetic this addiction is. Be the master of your mind . Am on day 81 if I can do it soo can you


i can feel you bro , my situation is the same as you. i am 23 btw & um alone my whole life… i know it kinda sucks… u get the low feeling , anxiety and what not!
anyway just try hard abd become the best version of yourself. added you! my code- 95fca8