[22 M] Abhishek's journey towards PMO freedom

START DATE: 05/04/2024
START TIME: 12:00 am or 00:00

I have set myself a target. I am still struggling.
I know this path was never easy, but I had took a oath this year that I won’t PMO but failed many times again.
I wont be obsessing over this PMO thing. Just chill going.
So here I start fresh this year with my journey diary and log.

My dream is to build such body and I also have started going to gym 2 months ago. Will update my body at 2024 year end.
I am writing this diary to see how I have progressed and changed.


Bro are you doing well now? Are you going back to gym?

Come here when you feel alone. Let’s chat together and support each other :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure bro, I’m here but kind of busy with clg works and all. I am hoping this busyness to end.

Yup, sure bro.


Starting to write my progress here from tomorrow.

After watching this video, I feel like I can make a change. :slightly_smiling_face:


All legit gymrats have had their goal physique as toji at least once :joy: :fire: :muscle::muscle:


Yeah, below are some of the physiques I wanna achieve:

  1. Toji
  2. Garou
  3. Baki
  4. Yuijiro
  5. Cbum
  6. Andrew eubanks
  7. Tenzen

I don’t mind which body from these I achieve but the above people’s body shape is the one I always dream. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice to get up early and receive sunlight to boost your positive energy, wish you all the best for tomorrow’s exam! :muscle:t2:

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I have paused gym till 5th due to exams. It’s theory papers so need to put that extra effort.
Currently this is how my body is after going to gym for 3 month.

All natural, but very slow process :face_holding_back_tears: