[21M] Tanck's Journey of Happiness

Hello all,
Hope everyone is doing well!
It’s been almost 2 yrs now I’ve joined app & started NoFap actually…ofco I learnt many good things until now, did many high streaks & more. But, still im I’m not able achieve the main goal & failed repeatedly. The main thing I lack everytime is Seriousness & most of us have same issue.

Hence, I’m beginning new journey now & upcoming year will be actually #dreamcomestrue year for me, I firmly believe! I’ve to work hard for that ofco!! :muscle::heart:

I’ll start writing my diary/daily routine from today with new & powerful beginning. After this long 8 yrs of Addiction it’s high time I need to be serious abt my goals.
The purpose of creating this Diary is
To be more Accountable.
To be more Regular.
To Motivate each other.
To help each other.


The companions like u all are helping each other honestly for everyone’s happiness!!!
May GOD Bless Us All :sparkling_heart: :pray: :relaxed: :100:


Check In :ballot_box_with_check:
Day 1
Exercise :white_check_mark:
Chanting :white_check_mark:
Book reading :white_check_mark:
Not able to study much as per schedule as I was busy in other stuffs, will be regular by tomorrow!