(21 M) Raghu's diary

Har baar ki tarah isse bar bhi meine 1 day complete kar Liya …

Yesterday I was relapsed therafter I went to out and somked cigarette …it was not first time I was relapsed I have failed more than 1000 times in last 2 years …

I have been fapping since 9 years daily sometimes 2 or 3 …but last 2 years I am trying to get rid of this habit. But I couldn’t make it possible .

Why I couldn’t make it possible ?

I have lack of determination and lonely guy . Who don’t have any friends, social activities, failure through out life . Due to above all I am also suffering from depression last 4 years …

Day : 1

Today I didn’t not do nothing . I procastinated the whole day . I slept more than 5 hours in day .
Meine Apne hair cut karwaye aur shaving ki for look clean . Today I ate very less and drink as much as possible . My knee joints are paining but somehow I am facing . I did also vajarsan after taking meal . I also read Shiv chalisa and Ganesh strotram .

Isse tarah mera 1 din PURA ho gya … aaj bahut Kam internet access Kia hai …

My English is not so well but I am trying to learn this language . Sorry brother for language inconvenience .


Om namah shivaya


Wah ! Launde…
daily likhna bhai…
Tum sangrash karo… hum tumhare sath hain.


Thanking you bhai trying to be skhat londaa…


Hi Bhai koylakhadan
Key app apna mobile number de skte he
Hamara ek group he nofap ka hum sab is Aadat Co chodana Chahat Hai to me apko apne group mein add karna chahata hu usse Hamare group Mein Sabhi logon ka fayda hoga please

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राजस्थान से ही क्या भाई कोयला खदान?

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Bhai… तेरे नाम (कोयला खदान) से तो ऐसा लगता है जैसे तू बिहार झारखंड ओडिशा etc से है… Kyunki कोयला तो वहीं मिलता है.
मै भी राजस्थान से ही हूँ.

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नाम तो ऐसे ही रख लिया भाई । में राजस्थान स ही हू । तुम कोंस डिस्ट्रिक से हो

App konse day per hi

Keep on fighting man. Our will power is even more stronger than the 10 sec. Pleasure.
Gd lk

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Thanking you :slight_smile:

Hello everyone .

Today I completed my 18 days . The day was not so well plan . I went coaching early morning and in afternoon roaming on city roads for searching hostel .
I moved from my city to another city for competitive exam . The day was also stressed . I have left some good habits like yoga and god worship since 3 to 4 days .

Soon. I will take myself on track . Good bye .


@koylakhadan bhai abhi tak ho kya NoFap pe…

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Ha bhai try chal rahi hai. …