21 M . Bikoro on a journey

I have moved out from my parents house and living on my own for a while now. And this a completely new experience for me. But everyday when I am in my apartment alone I get triggered and Jack off.
I have seen most of the people here talking about a complete reboot from Oct to Dec , so they can have a great next year. I wanna try it too, I want to feel how it feels to be rewire. Starting from today ,here I go… My code : oo4jww


Try to give your best Brother and keep yourself busy that is the only way to come out from this addiction …

May God bless you …

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Thank you brother for cheering me up @koylakhadan
So day 1 : I kept myself away from the triggering photos on social media . I actually did a very little productive work . Then again I started procastinating rest of the day… tomorrow I will try to do some more productive

Day 4: I relapsed. I was watching informative videos on YouTube then suddenly this ad pops up from nowhere showing a sexy girl giving doing some shit infront of her camera ( musically). I got a sensation running through my heart as I saw her and went for edging . I was edging for like 2 hours straight. I was rubbing my meat but as I was near to ejaculation I stopped rubbing. I repeated it many times but didn’t relapsed.
Then I walked out of my room and suddenly I felt pain in my right ball. This pain will only go if I ejaculate the sperms. So I went back to my room and did it. Then I felt tired and sleot for one hour. Then again I felt the urge and I did it 2 more times. Total 3…
Feeling very demotivated.

I can’t stop my addiction for watching YouTube.Like I have to watch Youtube so that I get many informative stuffs for my projects but then those ads always triggers me. I have no idea how I will tackle this.