21 days do-or-die challenge (Entries CLOSED)

21 days. 3 weeks.

That’s how long it’s usually said it takes to form a habit.

Are you ready to abstain from PMO for 21 days? Then join this challenge.

This challenge isn’t for second thoughts. Relapse = elimination.

The purpose of the challenge is to give you a kickstart on your noFap journey.


  • PMO = relapse
  • Peeking = relapse
  • Fantasizing till precum = relapse

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Rise from your ashes like a phoenix.

If you wish to join the challenge, tag @Ash_Matt


The rules are simple-

  • Check-in daily, or as often as possible. Nothing elaborate, just a simple :white_check_mark: Check-in is enough
  • posting motivational content and discussion noFap here is not necessary, but it is appreciated.

You in?



21 days challenge

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30. rewire_user :white_check_mark:

The main aim of the challenge is that we motivate each other. A lot of us are really busy, so there’s no need to do anything elaborate here, just be sure to check-in as often as possible and update the scoreboard should you relapse.


I wanna join this challenge man, since I’ve been having hard time abstaining ever since my 33 day streak was broken just before this year began. I hope I’ll be able to do it this time.


@PrDr added you. Don’t break this streak mate. Once you cross 21 days it gets easier.


Of course bro. That is why I have joined this challenge. My no peeking challenge has helped me keep away from porn, hopefully this will help me keep away from fantasizing too.


Hi guys, please count me in for this challenge. Day zero.


My sharing code is “7qowol”
I would like to join.


You both will be added,
@ssuman @zackyboey
Read the 1st post.
Become the best version of Yourself through this challenge !
Good Luck Guys !


Im all in @Ash_Matt add me


You are being added bro !

Flame on



Yaa. I gone through 1st post.
Thanks Brother.


This challenge is gonna be fun :star_struck:


Heres my code muelhq

Good luck and see u on the other side

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Hello guys im here to give you the challangers some advice im a ex user im here to tell u some benefits and the one thing that helped me beat this annoying adiction first the bennefits of quitting are

  1. Im a diffrent person not a deppresed idiot that is enslaved by 2d videos and masturbutating
  2. Im happier when i got into nofap i tried changing life becouse of stuff that gave me urges now i can do all of that stuff like playing sports or eating some food thats food that can give u urges
  3. Im more of a social person now i can enjoy life without fear ,omg am i gonna get an urge or i just lost my streak omg"
  4. Now i can proudly think of myself how i have managed what many failed to do
    Now for the actuall way u should do this challange or basicly quit like me
  5. What i realised is that this app is good but the real issue is that streaks in the eyes of users have too much vallue streaks dont matter at all the real deal is just stopping
  6. This one i reccomend with my heart and soul u must read a online book called EasyPeasy its the best method that doesnt even require willpower or much suffering u wont have a tug of war in ur mind you will just instantly stop forever like me so best of luck in this challange i hope u try my reccomendations out especially the easypeasy book its the best thing that u can find on the internet god save its author he saved my life gl bois

I like to join this challenge please add me.
I will also try to form another habit.

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Id be happy if u check the easy peasy book its amazing

Count me in @Ash_Matt
I am joining this because today midnight I Peeked despite in challenge in another group, I know It was just a peek so didn’t count it as a relapse,
But in this Thread I want another 21 days Clean from this shit Completely so Want to give myself a chance

So Check me in :white_check_mark:
Day 0/21

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Please, mate, count me in too @Ash_Matt :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Pls add me brother .My code is ae8fcm

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