21 day No PMO Challenge

Sharing code - x5unjd

Current streak - A few hours
Highest streak -15 days
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - India

21 days sure i stay strong …i work with my full potential and i will fight this battle…join this group to fight together very strong.

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Thewindwaker - 21 days archieved
Busyman - 3 days
Icecoffee - 2days

U r already inside this group my friend.
Simply come and report here about ur daily progress.
Lets crush this 21 days.
We are here to motivate eachother and for a challenge

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Im in. My code is 65feff.

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We added you…stay clean 21 days…No PMO

Come on!
My code is: 5ods8m
Yesterday was a day of victory! I had a very strong impulse before bed, but thank God I did not fall into temptation. Today I am feeling very well, it is not even 12 hours (Brazil) and I have already performed most of the tasks of the day! Certainly I am much more productive!

Some of the tools I’m using to help me with this challenge are:
App Habitica, he helps to develop new habits through a gamefication of his life.
Cold shower; simply sensational, very good to take the strain off you.
I write in a diary in the morning and before bed. Express the things that are making me anxious and report my mental triggers that can lead me to fail in this mission.

Good … I’m using other resources, but gradually I’m reporting to the group.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s move on another day of victory warriors !!!


Como faço para fazer parte do placar?

Stay strong wind walker…just 3 more days to achieve 21 days challenge …you can do it.Yes you can.

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Tomorrow its my 21. So my first challenge is going to end. Thx you for your support.

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Plz add me in this… I cant fight alone :frowning:

Cngrts… How did you do that man?!!

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Finally 21. What a great sensation.
So if im here, you can. Now its your turn my companions.

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