2022:1 year ultra-mode challenge!



Only use the internet for podcast/learning/self-help.

Social media is only for messaging/posting highlights from your year. No “checking in” for likes, no checking for anything really. Nothing, except posting is allowed.


One must exercise for at least 30 minutes, for at least 3 times pr. week


No peeking, no fapping w/or without porn. If presented with a sexual movie scene, etc. One must immediately remove oneself from the situation. I.e. look away or leave.

(Sex is allowed, if you love the person you are doing it with.)

5: No alcohol/drugs.
(Drugs for diagnosed medical conditions are ok.)

One must also post one journal entry pr month with at least 1 thing they improved on themself during that following month. It could be anything.

Copy/paste the entry into this thread the 1st day of the month. (Starting February first)

Challenge starts the minute we enter 2022 (central european time)

Any breach of the rules, and you are out.

Reply to enter challenge as follows:

Username: (Insert your username)
Sharing code: (Insert your sharing code)

I will add you all at midnight. Lets go!

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