2021 last man standing challenge.(entries are closed for 2021)

It would be great to have a separate challenge for workout bro @Nick9 . But we have to form some rules for it right? Do you have something in mind?




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“Fitness Challenge X21XFebruary”

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This New Challenge starts Tomorrow!


You’ll pick one of any of these post and Exercise. After completing the workout, you’ll check in with the group to let them know that your workout is complete. For every workout completed you get a point +1. You pass the monthly challenge if you get a minimum of +16 points. Anything less than 16 points is a Fail.

Also, if you noticed, some workout post have levels. A person has the option to start on level one for 1, 2 or 3.

If you complete your workout on Level 1 then you only get +1 point. Level 2 is +1.5 points. Level 3 is 2 points. WHOEVER HAS THE MOST POINTS WINS.

If a workout post doesn’t have levels but sets, 1 Set of every exercise = 1 point, 2 Sets = 1.5 points, 3 Sets = 2 points

Beginner level = 1 point, Intermediate = 1.5 points, ADVANCED = 2 points.

*Be sure to pick and post what you’re doing so you can get credit.

The GOAL is to aquire a Brand New Body. A NEW Mind needs a New Body to reside in. Endorphins is better than dopamine.

So we’re doing Cardio + Muscle Building

*Go to www.darebee.com for more workout options!

*Since we’re halfway through the month of February, the Goal is to abtain 7 points minimum.


thankyou for invite me… i absent for this haha :grin:

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Wait your not joining?

First of all thanks brother for considering my opinion,

It’s a great idea brother,
also I have been thinking of joining gym after my exams.
And a specific challenge for exercise would be great !
Where we can record the journey of the transformation of our body.
I support you in carrying forward your idea bro @Nick9 ,

But the problem is my exams are going on so, I might not be able to join it in this month and the next.
But I am sure many will get benefit from it. And this will also help them in their nofap journey !

Good Luck Bro

You motivate us a lot by putting all those motivational images :fire:



No problem man. I’m happy that you gave me your input. Don’t worry about February’s Challenge. It’s all good. But where can we document our transformation? I guess we can do here. @_TIGER said that this Challenge is going to be the 3rd part of the Last Man Standing Challenge.



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Day 67+

Relapse is tough makes us feel mesreable but we should keep moving forward :confounded::persevere::disappointed::disappointed::confused::expressionless::neutral_face::relieved::relaxed::sweat_smile::laughing::grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiley::grinning:


Those who are interested in fitness challenge put your name in the scoreboard.(see top of this challenge) Admin : @Nick9


Name : Gokura
Age: 29
Code: ydavqz

Entry done, Thanks for adding me in.

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Dear @Nick9 , good thought. Interested party can join it.

All the best


@Nick9 ya dude that’s what I was saying, the goal here is to build the body right? Then why is it mandatory to do only this circuit. I’m doing a more personalized workout routine, one which I’ve been following for quite sometime. Why can’t I just follow that and still be a part of the challenge?


@Nick9 @_TIGER
I Am In. A Great Initiative Because Workouts Will Balance Our Energy And Channelize the Energy That We Are Saving.

Just Asking Some Things?

  1. Please Make The Rules More Clear Either Make A Dedicated POST & Put Its Reference At The Top of the Group Where Fitness Challenge Is Present.

  2. Can Anybody Join- Home workout & Gym guys?

  3. I think, Wrong Person Has Been Made The Scorecard Handler at the top. Please Check It, Make @Nick9 :pray:

  4. Where Can we Calculate How Much Workout We Have Performed.
    (Please Select An APP where we Can Record Our Workout & At the End Of The Day we Can POST here with Check in message.)

  5. You Can Also Add How much Calorie Intake one should Take,
    i) For Weight Gainers (WG) and
    ii) For Weight Loss (WL),
    To Increase/Decrease 1 kg Respectively or to remain FIT.

In A Nutshell, I want To Say GO Ahead With This Challenge just Revamp It, So that We can Judge How Much We Have Changed At The End Of The Year, If We Start Now.


You can Follow, But How Will You Mark Your Rating?

One way you Can Schedule Your Current Regime into 3 Levels.Low, Medium & High and Mark it as 1,1.5 & 2 points Respectively. By that way You Can Enter The Challenge Without Disturbing Your Current Regime.


Should make separate post
Many challenges here
just a suggestion