2019 nofap challenge

Anybody want to join me on the rest of 2019 nofap challenge. We will start with 30 days, then 90, then the rest of this year. You with me?


I am currently on day 19

Sure thing, I had a rough 2019 start, but let’s do do this!
wlss96 is my code, share yours!
Current on fourth day

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Cool man! I’m new here, how do I find my sharing code lol

Go in the friends section, click the icon on the bottom right and see “my sharing code” option

Thank you my sharing code is 3c0731

Glad you on this challenge with me friend. Check in tomorrow or as soon as you can and let us know how you are doing. I’ll be back tomorrow for 1st day of this challenge and day 20 of current streak. Have a wonderful blessed day

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