2019 break the ice challenge

Code: 826714
Sex: male
22 years old.


How it all started.
I never thought I would break up with my GF last year. And ever since my mind is still in the past. Stuck in an endless cycle of relapses and depression. But deep down I feel there is more to me that hasn’t been explored yet. I know that the path to success will always be mountains and struggles and yet I am still here even after all the relapses and promises I told myself. The truth is I was all talk and no action.
Breaking the ice will be a challenge but I am betting everything on it.
But I don’t want to do this alone. I want to have people supporting one another in this walk to break the ice. Support me. I will support you.
Rules are simple just write your day and experience. That’s all.
"Personally I am trying to become rich while doing NoFap. Join me in the journey. Let’s find out our potential.


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