[20 M] Kuya's Diary - Day 1

I came back yesterday here in Rewire Companion.

So I urge myself to post everyday and share my journey.

Some will be on the app, some will be here in forum.

Anyway, It’s not a good day of writing for me.

I am having slow surge of ideas.

But I love the peacefulness this journey is bringing to my heart.

I’ll take this journey day by day…

Hoping that one day, I can come back here and say,

“Hey man, you’ve done a great job! I’m now better, experiencing the best results of your sacrifices & self-control. Thanks for coming back and beginning this great journey! Love ya self.”


This is not a sacrifice my friend. This is getting rid of pain & sufferings.

This is a path that leads to real heaven & bliss.
Give me your sharing code.

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v7y1cl -> Here it is my friend…



Here is my sharing code. Make me your companion and we will make it through.

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