[20 M] Franks Uphill Battle

Day 11:

I ended up staying over at the house I’m sitting overnight because my sister wanted me to stay. Probably the worst sleep I had in a while. I was so groggy I just zoomed in during class. The day felt really sluggish, I ended up taking a nap and waking up with a sore throat. At that point o just wanted to go home and vibe in my own home. Turns out my parents were coming over for dinner so I was there till 9 ish (give or take). Also I played COD Vanguard for the first time in my life, At least one the previous game you can tell who’s who. In this one everyone looks the same. Also snoop dog is in the game as a playable character (friendly reminder that this was supposed to be based in WW2)

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Note: I’ll be posting days 12-15 today just to catch up. I have a couple IRL friends I discuss this with and I text it rather than type it if I’m feeling lazy or half assing it.

Day 12: I stayed home again because I caught a sore throat, watched some cobra Kai, and almost shit myself because Skyrim moment (the wind opened the door leading to the garage and my sister was upstairs. Must’ve been the wind)

Day 13: This house is terrible for me, (context: a little bit of communication on my side but I’ve got another day of house sitting tomorrow) I’ve pretty much done nothing really productive and I’ve felt like a boring smuck because of it. I love my family dearly but I just kinda need outta here. Also I need to eat some healthy food

Day 14: I’m glad to be back home, after a long stressful day I’m back home. I don’t know if I just don’t like modern homes or if I was just homesick but I’ve never been so happy to see my own bed before in my entire life. A friend of mine offered to let me spend the night as a joke. But at that point I respectfully told in to buzz off because I wanted to sleep in my own bed.

Note Again: Going to do Day 15 Early because I feel like the rest of today is going to be uneventful.

Day 15: First day I’m home after a little while, I woke up late because I kinda screwed up my sleep schedule + my good habits of cardio & working out. But I did salvage the morning by actually eating food and jogging. I also went to my cousin’s soccer game, randomly out of the blue I had a thought of the Character Pyra from Xenoblade 2 doing suggestive positions with little to none clothing. (Hell right now I can feel aroused thinking about it) I held in, while typing this I felt truly aroused however I didn’t get any sort of erection. Oh well, hopefully that’ll come in the future. I only go into detail because I’m excited that this was a straight urge rather then a fetishized one.

Day 16:

A couple of things, today I let temptation get the better of me. Previously I had posted in past days that I’m anxious about my (I’m done sugar coating this) penis size. This time around with a lack of full erections I got to the closet thing I could get to, was hot pictures of the previously mentioned character. No dice… I really hope anxiety goes away eventually. Also I think I figured out that my ADHD symptoms are porn usage based. Lastly I think I have trust issues.

you can do it dude We are on your side

Day 17:

Trying to start being friendlier to my family. One small thing to start with is frequently eating with them during dinner. Also, overall, I’m being more friendly towards others in general recently.

Day 0: I messed up.

What am I going to Change: I tossed the emails the got to me + I’m going to remove the rulers that I could use to measure my penis.

Yeah That’s me, your probably wondering how I got in this situation. Well I need to come clean reset and refresh. For now on Youtube will be a reward rather instead of a daily thing. Also I uninstalled tarkov because it was taking to much of my time.

Day 0 today, 1 tomorrow.

Another day done, Resin printer is working and I mowed the law. Exam for my last class is on Wednesday.

Day 1 today, 2 tomorrow.