20 days of hard mode are better than 200 days of normal mode

My friend stefan did nofap for 284 days Normal mode( he’s been watching porn and never edged)…what happened ?
He decided to reset his counter and to do it hard mode to see if are any differences. To his surprise, it has been.

Stefan says" not having the ability to look online at naked body parts of females really changes the ways you look on a girls and you star apreacienting more even smaller chest or somewhat “chubby” girls"

I hope you guys understand…

Anyways i highly encourage to do Nofap on Hardmode for the best Benefits.


Thats not even nofap.

Easy mode: masturbating without porn
Normal mode: no masturbating but you can have sex
Hard mode: no masturbating or sex
Monk mode: all of the above and no sexual imagery from social media, movies and games


@legija I’d dare to argue that your friend Stefan shouldn’t even have started the counter in the first place!! How can one heal a ■■■■/masturbation addiction by countinuously watching ■■■■?? Will an alcohol addict heal his/her addiction by everyday drinking a glass or two of wine (but watch out, he/she never gets drunk)?? C’mon man!!
So let’s define what normal mode is? Imo normal mode means to not watch ■■■■, not masturbate but if you have a girlfriend you could have intercourse with her. That’s what i call normal mode. What stefan did was not-anything-that-would-work-mode :stuck_out_tongue:


the I-can-do-anything-without-reseting-mode :see_no_evil:

“he never edged” → means he masturbated too?


It’ doesn’t matter. The point is he decided to go on hardmode and experience real benefits…

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Rightly said bro.
I like your thinking. My code is 971ff5. Whats urs ?

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Watching porn is itself edging. His 284 streak doesnt even count to me.

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Added you man :slight_smile: my code is 564bc3 :slight_smile:

I believe that if you are able to watch porn, and still not masturbate, you must have really strong will power. Still I wouldn’t do it, because I have a girlfriend.

@legija, well, it turns out that your friend’s case is not really an argument against normal mode. As someone said, it doesn’t fit any of NoFap’s standard categories.

It thus doesn’t support the claim that 20 days of hard mode are better than 200 days of normal mode.

I’m doing normal / natural mode (i.e., real sex doesn’t reset my counter), but currently I have no girlfriend. Resort to P/M is not an option. So, I’m actually doing as “hard mode” as the hard mode guys…

my current 43 days of normal mode = 43 days of hard mode.