2 years complete in this forum!

It feels like yesterday i joined this community , man it goes so fast! Thanks everyone who have supported me everytime! Even though i kept failing i kept trying. Im starting this time better!
Very greatfull to find a community like this!

Ps: also im not updating because of floods going on here in my place. (People from india will know about assam floods)


September will mark 2 years since I first joined RC and I honestly believe Ive grown and learnt alot from when I first started doing nofap.


Happy second anniversary brother . (Idk why pokemon hindi theme song started to play in my mind :sweat_smile::laughing:)

Oh, take care of yourself and your family. May god protect you all .


Man i will pray for Assam’s welfare… take care bro.

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Glad to have your acquaintance. :innocent:

That’s the the real warrior spirit bro :muscle::grin::+1::fire:

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Yeah brother sadly my revision is doomed in last days due to floods so , i have no hopes this year for neet. This year was the worst flood

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Sad … but take care and be strong…

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