2 girls And 1 Guy


I’m in high school and there’s 2 girls I talk to every day since like the beginning of the school year… And there’s my other friend he’s one grade above us… We all have a bond because we have classes together. Ok so the older guy he’s a fapper and the whole time we have been having out they like never give him attention in a sexual way like it all comes to me, they both called me cute too, and the shorter girl out of the two is the cutest one so since we grown a strong bond, and we both HAVE NOT friend zoned each other, sometimes we talk freaky to each other so basically on the last day of school I’m going to ask for a kiss just to top it off for the year… Is this a good idea?? Any questions??


I’m sorry for any Grammer errors or unable to understand


Whatever you are doing I think you have your own mindset and judgemental skills.
But always remember one thing “DIGNITY OF GIRL”
P.S.if you are in India be extra cautious.
Because whatever you do it WILL change both of yours life drastically and whether it changes in positive or negative way choice is yours.

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Do not ask for it like a Loser.
If you think she is fallen into you. Go with confidence. Grab her and kiss her.


I would definitely ask you don’t want to force yourself onto her.


Be cautious. I believe it should be the girl’s choice to be kissed. When I kissed my girlfriend for the first time I asked her if she was comfortable and okay with it. When she said yes, I awkwardly did so. Also have your first kiss be the last kiss. Kisses are special due to how intimate they are. So make sure she is the one you want to marry later on.


Your post makes no sense. This forum is for nofappers trying to quit. You need to get dating advice of videos on youtube. There is many a available.