2 days 10 hours

This is my streak is just lost.

PMO will never let go.

I am seeing a pattern. Every 2 days an urge now strikes.

Kay. Now that you have that information, plan so that on the 2nd day you’re doing something to keep you preoccupied.


That’s the key man, just like @DarkViolin said, now keep doing what you did to achieve 2days, and then pre plan something to do, or go outside that day, and in this pattern, figure out triggers and overcome them

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I have no urges for 2 days. That’s why I last that long. It takes my body 2 days to make new sperm.

Then when I have it, I feel it and the feeling is a push to get it out, just like the feeling to pee.

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So your 3rd day should not have any chances for you to relapse bro,

I know you said that you live In a place somewhere far outside, where you don’t have much to do and your life is pretty much assisting your dad and all, and may God reward you for the hard work you are doing and helping your parents like no other person or atleast unlike many people do.

But put your everything for your 3rd day and, because even if you relapse after day 3, which I believe you won’t, you will have that feeling of achievement, that you did something which you thought not possible…

Think of this as the first and biggest step to your recovery, also remove the thought that you will get out today itself from this addiction, because that is not how any habit which is done for many times get out of our life that easily…

Now do it

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