[19 M] njdrna's diary

I have been trying to fight this addiction since the last 3 years. My highest streak was 18 days(that was last year),. Rn I have a streak of 5 days and this time I feel very much hopeful that I will be able to free myself from the shackles of porn. My life is a complete mess rn, i am a extreme level femdom addict , but i am hopeful because at least I am trying to turn it around. I will try to update this journal at night everytime till I hit the 90 days mark.
During these days my days have not been productive, dont know whats the reason for this, i am a student and i doing a degree for which I will have to study hard, lets hope I figure out a way to stay productive soon.
I have been hitting up the gym for the last 2 months though.
Good luck to all the fellow fapstronauts.


Good luck to you brother and believe me, power will come if you stay consistent. You will break your record soon enough if you truly believe in yourself.
Best wishes :shamrock:


I’ve just come back from college and the day has passed without any noticeable or worth mentioning urges till now. I will go to the gym in 1 hour. Hope the day ends up being a productive one for my study as well
So finally I have completed 6 days today. Today I didnt have any urges at all, lets hope it remains this way as there are still 3 hours remaining in the day. But today again i havent been able to study as I wanted to though I will try to study in the remaining hours.
On the good side i felt increased level of energy today and my mind remained clear the whole day.
That’s all I have to say for today
I will write again tomorrow now.

Day7 Done
Dont have something to say, because there was a death in our family today.
I didnt have any urges today though

Relapsed after completing 9 days, starting again

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