[19 M] My new journey (Aditya)

Today i break my 33 day streak. Urge hit me so hard, i just cant able to control.
But from now on im going to make 90 day streak at all cost, going to write my daily journal from now on.


Just keep your head up and try again. Next time you can do it better. Stay strong


Keep going. You have what it takes.


Awesome bro. You can make it.
Good luck on your journey.


25th January, 2023
Day 1

Today its a new start, I came to my aunts place for festivity. Its nice refreshing day since change of environment. Going to stay here for 3 days.

My Routine
Woke up at 5 am
Get fresh and go to gym
Take bath with hot water
Do cleaning of house
Come to aunts house


Same timing bro. My new objective is waking up at 5 am. The most hardest thing.

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Don’t worry after a week its start to get as habit, just try for entire week


26th January, 2023
Day 2

Today also im at my aunts place for festivity. It ended today. But going to return home tomorrow. Feel really nice.


27th January, 2023
Day 3

Today I return home from my aunts place. Because of tiredness i didn’t do most of things. Dont have particular to write, I’m ending it for today.

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28th January, 2023
Day 4

Today my daily routine start once again just i didn’t go to gym, going to gym from Monday since recently im busy. In morning 10 i go to college, at 2 came home. Then watch todays anime (the ongoing animes), then complete my project on VSEPER (structure of molecules) and complete the notes.

28th January, 2023
Day 5

Its Sunday funday nothing exciting happens