[18 M] Eagle's High Fly

Finally thought of writing a daily diary. I have seen here many people are journalising their daily goals and feelings. I too feel that writing it down and getting support from all the fighters here and my companions will boost up my zeal to fight. I will write down my daily life experiences and my goals.

It’s now just have been Day 0. As the first few days we feel the guilt much more than other days, so I will write down each and everything I want to achieve and the reason to be in this journey.

Reasons to Change:

• My whole life have been a mess till now. I am at the peak age to build up my career or just let it go down. My family conditions are getting down. So, it’s time for me to make up my career and improve the condition.
• I don’t even have the confidence to stand in my balcony. The fear of people and social anxiety has taken its extreme in my life.
• I have lost all my will to create something or live my life. I have always been accustomed to dark rooms with shining rectangles.
• I don’t have any energy left inside me. The whole is drained. I’m 18 and is the youth power of my country. But the youth, am draining out day in and day out.
• My health is not something to be proud of. Still now there’s not some major problem but I guess to soon some dreaded disease could attack me.
• I have no achievements in the past 8 years. Nil.
• I want to take control of my life amd myself. Why should some damn pixels decide who I am.
and many more that are destroying my life.

Beginning the journey towards Life

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I will be watching your diary.


Yup. Hope this will be of great support to me.


Day 1

A day completed even without realising. It was not that tough to pass a day. Going down slowly as

" Habits were created not in a day, it can also not be erased in a day but yes the decision to change can be taken in a day"

I didn’t plan anything out for day 1. Not because am lazy or something kind of that. The truth is PMO had already drained out the energy from me. So, I tried every possible way to stay away from PMO. And very proudly I can say that I am successful. I don’t know of tommorow but Today am successful for what I wished for.

Now, if I tell about my day. It was a very lifeless day for me. I wanted to remember why I started this journey. So I did the following :
:arrow_right: Gave myself a gift of chocolates :chocolate_bar::candy:
:arrow_right: Got a lovely group of friends in RC who supported me
:arrow_right: Made a planner of what I want to achieve on a yearly, weekly and daily basis.

I have seen that whenever I have urge, I have got nothing to do. So here I write down all the activities that can help me during urges.

:one: Playing flute (I want to be a great flutist)
:two: Writing a blog
:three: Painting
:four: Talking with friend over phone
:five: Exercising
:six: Cooking

These all are my backup plans.
Keeping it for now.