[17 M] Four's Journey

I feel better today, but i still kind of feel sad, anger, and self-hate when i remember that i relapsed 3 days ago. But i’m still trying to focus to move forward. Everytime i feel sad, i read some motivation and diaries from NF users. This is my day 3, and i’m trying to be productive, and everytime urges comes to me, i do every thing i can to be focus. I’ll keep going, i’ll keep moving, i believe i will have a better life if i stop watchinh porn and stop fapping. I will improve myself. Wish me luck guys


All the very best @Shalahuddin
It’s always nice to see new people commiting themselves for a better life. Writing down your thoughts in this diary will help you and even others to get out of this addiction. I will be watching your progress .
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Wish you the best tuku

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Here is mine ve1hew . :muscle:Let’s do this.