17 Days.. and i can see the attacks of Lust

The mind plays games to make u fap. Its important to notice that. And continue your revealed journey ahead without reacting. Give it no importance. Its may b sign of recovery.

Attack 1,
I saw one other people’s beautiful wifes yesterday on fb images. Started browsing like old days imagination working fast in lustful direction. As it is conditioned like that. Then i started to kiss my own wife and touch her all over even if she was in work n resisting. Just then ! I stopped, had a look to what was i doing n why? Understood that Mind was trying to take a peep. I closed the fb , did stop un wanted touching to my own wife for which she thanked me and was happy n full of love.

Attack 2,
At night in dream. Had some unknown beautiful lady gave me BJ ! (No nightfall happened) and many ladies in dreams started to talk vulgar.

Still I live tall to share these common attacks to u guys. I have been in this since last 37 years and now the cycle is known. Will is needed and a little , just a bit more little dedecation towards refraining this evil act. Day 17 complete looking for infinity and beyond.

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