(16 M) TheNofap_King's Rise to Better Life ( P** Blockers Guide Included )

Name -TheNofap_King
Age - 16
Gender -M
Location- India:india:
Goal - 30 - 60 - 90 - Highest streak - then indefinitely…
I want to overcome this addiction for good and get out of my relapsing barrier of 3 days to 1 week back to my highest streak of 148 days
I am trying my best for this from this moment onwards - Starting of No Nut November 2020…
I have got my blockers up and trying to make sure that I reduce the loopholes to bare minimum.
My device is inaccesible for now hence I am not able to update my streak , but I have just started my nofap journey in No nut november 2020.

It’s a pandemic out there with nobody I can talk to making this worse. But nevertheless, I am going to try my best no matter what happens.

I do not see any particular things or reasons which would make me relapse in the coming days.
But I am going to make sure that I do not give incentive to it as well…

As for everyone here , I thank you for your support and ask for your support once again.
I pray onto God’s help as well - to bless me with the strength to overcome these addictions and other addictions and free me from this once and for all so that I can achieve my dreams …

I started my Nofap streak on 31st October 4 pm.

(In order to know more about the blocking techniques/strategies without loopholes - Please view post no 4 in this diary. I am planning to complete it and it is really helpful for those wanting more proper and elaborate blocking of their websites - I have learnt this over about 1-2 years of experience with the Nofap and learning from the Windows and Microsoft community)


Going good for now…

I have tried blocking unneccesary websites to the maximum , while keeping one or two out of the block (Youtube and one more - not a social media website tho). I have also blocked an extension in chrome

I have put up a water flow sound in the background in order to relax and not stress myself.
If any of you guys are on laptop and use google chrome, check this extension out for the same.

I am going possibly good - I have got over some personal problems and am learning to slowly appreciate the beauty of nature and the world in itself . I have a really long way to go , but I am happy to have atleast crossed this phase.

I am happy to have broken out of my 3 day barrier of semen retention after a looong time - Yay!!!

Some amount of confidence is definitely there - I think this might be due to the good feeling of breaking 3 day barrier - a really good feeling though.

I started my day with the school meeting and I am going now for my coaching .classes.
I pray onto God to give me strength for 1 more day of being on Nofap/ of being celibate.

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I really want to make this happen - I am really serious this time for No Nut November.
This is technically my 2nd attempt at this and I wanna make this happen …

I have done this before which give me immense confidence for this time.
I realized that forgetting that you are on Nofap will bring more harm than good.

You have to spend time every day to make sure that the problems or the harms it causes you and your mind should be removed slowly and properly - and it should be a consistent effort everyday.

I am up for my next goal - 7 days - On November 7 and Complete 1 month…

I am not currently able to study at the potential I once did - in my 10th grade exams when I was on a streak of almost 5 months which started 16 dec 2019 and ended at 8 may.
Anyways I still have close to 1.5-2 years to make up for the loss of the last 6 months in this pandemic.

I am reading a bit about stoic philosophy and allowing it to help me to study small bits so that I can do my best.

I am gonna keep no negative vibes/thoughts about my goal - I am going to align my thoughts with my goals - To fully achieve it , first mentally then physically.


I have written only the basic version .(It helps to be mindful and reduces relapses)
I shall write the Advanced version soon to PERMANENTLY BLOCK - You can’t even activate it back in Advanced version even if you want to - Basically having No Alternative but to be on Nofap - The advanced version is going to be the best one as it prevents P*** Permanently - but you must delete every download or every magazine you have saved up before hand .

The M and O part is based on your will power only.


ONLY THE ADVANCED blocks are PERMANENT and can reduce a whole lot of features while accessing windows. Use it only on Personal Computers where you can take complete responsibility of these features. I am comfortable but you must understand the implications since these features could cause potential harm if the implications are not understood beforehand.

I am a 16 year old with only some knowledge in this topic - do understand this and continue.

These blocks happen mostly only on Windows PRO version - I have another laptop with Windows HOME version and There is an Entirely different procedure - however it is comparatively less effective and uses a lot of will power in 2nd procedure.

Summary of the Blocks and Programs needed.(BASIC AND ADVANCED BOTH)

  1. Registry editor -windows
  2. Group policy editor
    3.Control Panel
  3. Command prompt /Command line in Windows(Optional and Easier method 2 )

Lets Jump On to BASIC BLOCKS (Prevents RELAPSES Since it takes time to disable AND HELPS IN HIGH STREAKS. HOWEVER YOU CAN’T USE REDDIT AT ALL. You shall have to sacrifice Reddit if you want this block - which also means the Nofap subreddit - You can instead visit Nofap Website and see its forum or Use Rewire Companion website .)

Method 1… Using Basic Blocks

Step 1 - Double DNS configuration for automatic double block.(If you have WIFI Router)
How to?

  1. Go to site on your computer. It is a default site which allows you to change router configuration. When it asks for password - Type the default password - “admin” or “123456” in order to access the site.

Now your main aim is to find a setting for changing DNS on this site.

This is different for every router so you have to go and update it properly.
Go to NETWORK settings directly or Look in The ADVANCED OPTIONS Section.

Look for this settings in DHCP server if you see that Option.
When you arrive on that page - you search for the options PRIMARY DNS and SECONDARY DNS.

Now you have to fill these 2 places (Primary and Secondary DNS ) with a proper DNS which blocks Adult material as well as VPN in case you use it.
I use the FAMILY FILTER block of Cleanbrowsing DNS. Do not use any other blocks as it provides incentive for relapse.

Now type the dns servers into the PRIMARY and SECONDARY DNS space.

For PRIMARY DNS - Type “” in the space given
For SECONDARY DNS - Type “” in the space given next to it.

Click SAVE Option (if given , or else reboot router and computer)

Give a pat on your back - Now the router will block the websites for you!! You can’t disable safe search once you reboot the router and computer and it will block the websites with google itself.
One step done.

Now , we have the router blocking the websites - we are going to do the same for the computer as well.

Step 2 - Block websites using CONTROL PANEL(WIFI ROUTER OPTION)
Open CONTROL PANEL on your computer(press Windows button + R to open the run option , then press “control” and press enter.)
It opens up the Control Panel

Press NETWORK AND SHARING OPTION from the list of options given.
Once it is open Find and click - “CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS” option.

NOW , we have a list of items which can be used as a source of internet connection.
Since we get network from WIFI router - we are going to change its settings.

Left click “WiFi” option and then select “Properties” Option.
It opens up a new tab by the name of Wi-fi Properties.

Single click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and Click on the “Properties” button
which gets activated.
Click on “General” Tab.

Click on the Option “Use The Following DNS server address”

This is same like Step 1 - Fill the DNS servers
Preferred dns server -
Alternate DNS server -

Mark “Validate settings upon exit”.
Press “Ok” Then Click “Close”.
Refresh the Page (Left click anywhere and press refresh)

Give yourself a pat on the back .
Now the computer is gonna Block your websites for you!!(And Router as well if you have succeeded in Step 1!!)

Let’s go on and Remove The Dreaded Incognito Mode - Its the easiest step amongst these 3 steps and it will definitely help to be more mindful whenever you have an urge by not allowing you to access the incognito mode

Step 3 - Remove Incognito mode (Reduces a lot of problems since your brain often connects
this mode with a session of relapse - Once it is gone - you have comparatively
increased self awareness allowing prevention of relapse)
This is an easy step compared to step 1 and 2.

Download a program called “incognitogone”

Press “Download Now” Option
It will say that it is a “Harmful program” But it is not - don’t worry
The only reason it is called harmful is because it can remove the incognito mode from chrome which is not really possible through normal programs.
If you get Security error - Press “Details” And press"Visit this site" option which is underlined.

In the 1ST Post on the website Press the Option - “IncognitoGone.exe”
Save it on your computer .
Now they will give you one more warning about it
In order to prevent this
Press Ctrl+J to open up downloads and press “Keep Dangerous file”
Then press The incognitogone.exe and open the program.
Now All you have to do is press “Disable” next to the browser you use and close the browser .(It does not work for Firefox)

Now you can safely open the browser and see that Incognito MODE IS GONE!!

Now if you feel that the file is dangerous - You can safely delete the program .
The blocking is permanent now!!

This Brings us to the End of Part 1 of Basic Blocking
I shall write out Part 2 of Blocking whenever I have the time. Which involves blocking distractions through Chrome extensions and various programs which block website from coming to your computer only.

I hope you guys will be benefitted by It.
Please share or tag your brothers and sisters in this post in order to help them in case they wish to block.
Once the basic blocking is done - only thing you have to do is to not disable it by going through the entire process again. I shall tell you in part 2 how to prevent blocking in chrome.

However , in advanced blocking - I shall show you how to permanently block it - you won’t be able to bypass that block AT ALL once you succeed in the advanced blocking.

Please do carry this procedure out - It had helped me earlier to break 1 week barrier after much time to get to 30 or even 45 days.
I have re-enabled it now along with an advanced block - Once advanced blocking is done , that is exactly how I got to almost 100+ day streak - I was able to go more - But my device had changed after that and it led to problems.

This would help me to get through No Nut November as well as Break my barriers of days and Put all my efforts into studies as well as help me do productive work by helping out you guys in case you shall be able to carry this out.

All the best guys! Good blocking😂!


Really long blocking system…:pray::pray::pray:
In the android phone of mine I downloaded…“safe surfer,” this app was like a vpn thing but it worked opposite and did not allow any erotic content to be opened …by any browser…or any other app like video downloader etc…

But I wanted to quit this at my own will power so I stopped using blockers…
Stay sharp.:pray::pray::pray:

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I know its long bro!!
This was from trial and error for about 1 year.

Android phone also has this bro!!
Try downloading 1-2 applications as well (BlockerX and Blocksite)

If you are on a wifi network- You can do a mini version of this block as well !!
Do message me if you need that ! It shall help you - Just as a motivation and prevent that content even if you feel to ! Put it up as a backup if you must !

If you want that block bro then message me here itself !!
It’s not very long - very short as compared to this !


Nice work! Huge help to the Forum :+1:

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We’re with you bro, you can do this!

Here’s a checklist from someone on 2 years no PMO, if you follow this you will achieve your goals this time:

  1. Join nofap.com and get involved in groups that interest you. There are many resources there that will put you on the right path.
  2. Watch tons of nofap videos on YouTube.com. There are literally tons and tons of great videos to learn from there.
  3. Google search key words like “nofap” and “semen retention”. There is a world of information there for everyone.
  4. Commit to doing nofap from day 1. Change your mindset to one that does not see porn or masturbation as options. Develop new habits to replace your old fapping habits. Develop a workout routine, do housework, yardwork, take up a hobby, play a sport, etc.
  5. Understand that urges, being horny, triggers, random erections, or anything else that has always led you to fap don’t matter. Stop blaming these things and/or other people for your lack of discipline and self-control. The day you take full responsibility for yourself and your actions is the first day of your liberation from porn and masturbation.
  6. A relapse is only caused by looking at porn or masturbating (edging included). Those are the only ways you can relapse.
  7. Expect nofap to take a lot of effort especially during your first two weeks. After a month, nofap will seem like a new normal for you. After three months, you will have rebooted your mind and be able to exert full control over yourself.
  8. Wet dreams (or waking up with precum) are not a relapse. They are normal, natural, and to be expected. Some men never get any wet dreams and that’s normal too. If you do get wet dreams, don’t be upset, be happy. They may be inconvenient and messy, but they are a sign of success. I would dare say you should be bragging about getting wet dreams.
  9. Expect random erections for absolutely no reason. This happens when you become more advance with nofap. They may be awkward, but you should still be happy as they are another sign of success with nofap.
  10. There is no excuse or exception for relapsing. Relapsing will only trap you in the withdrawal phase of nofap and that’s the worst place to be. There is absolutely no shame in seeking help to prevent relapsing. It’s a sign of strength and commitment.
  11. There are three pillars to nofap success. They are 1. Commitment, 2. Mindset Change, and 3. Sexual energy tansmutation. They are listed in #4 above, but most people gloss over them so I’m mentioning them again!
  12. Check out the following link: YourBrainOnPorn.com
  13. Read this link: https://pmohackbook.org/easypeasy.pdf
  14. No one should be “struggling” with nofap. It’s not something you should have to fight. Instead develop other interests in your life and other activities. Working on self improvement instead of counting the seconds of the day that you haven’t fapped is the thing to do.

Amazing brother!! Thank you so much for your advice!!

I am trying out new options to replace old habits- not a lot of options as schools are still in online and they have increased drastically to counter early loss of school this year.

I am trying my best and I have commited to it brother - That’s why I tried this as well - I love telling about these blocks and it takes up my time in a productive way as well!!

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Thanks a lot brother!!

That was my whole intention of creating this post , Really happy to know If it benefits someone!!

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