[15 M] Stealth Chopper's Diary Day 5

Ok i am feeling great and no urges from 3 days. Neither i am watching porn nor i am edging. I am feeling free. I am out of the prison but there are new challenges waiting for me. And plz anyone help me how can i maintain my diary.

So, I am signing of.

Stay strong, stay healthy and Peace.

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A diary is a book(or phases of your life) in which we collect our feelings and write them in our own words.
You can use it for your inspiration/ motivation/ the lesson you’ve learnt(guidance).

Do write your diary daily. Later You won’t need anyone else to be accountable to you. Everyone is doing the same.
Most important thing is you must be curious to know more or implement more + burning :fire:desire must be there to kill the habit of PMO.

Ok day 8,

Good day.

Came second in my class quiz.:blush:
I broke my wifi router.:slightly_smiling_face:
Learning more about Nofap and effects of PMO on brain.

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What you’ve learnt about Nofap and effects of PMO on brain? … Can you elaborate more? It will be beneficial for all of us(including me)

Never forget :-
More you share the knowledge, more you learn.

Well, The dopamine is so excessively released in the brain , when we watch porn, that it burns the frontal lobe which is responsible for thinking, processing, metal health and much more.

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