15- 20 days easy

I find the first 15-20 days easy but then it creeps up on you when your not expecting it then, it rips your guts out of your mouth.
It takes away all of our dignity and motivation.

We need to stay strong and not let this evil entity take over us.
Sharing code (188dat)we can all do this together.
I will add you and support you if needed.
My name is reboot rewire because i want to reboot my brain and rewire the broken ones


It takes hard for me when 30+
Add me, lets be accountable

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For me initial stages are hard currently I am on day 64
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Bottom line is its hard because you are used to getting pleasure without work. We have been cheating. Cheaters feel bad after a certain point. Feel good about doing what is right and know that NOT fapping builds you into the man you are supposed to be. Keep trying brother. You can do it.