105 days Challenge for bigger and serious people

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Let’s complet 105 days together …I want a person who is fresher and serious … Do you know why I selected 105 days because power our sperm takes 35 days to develop fully so if a person complete 105 days then he gets the benefit guarantee…


Hey there… @winner_151 can I be your partner… I’m fresh as I relapsed a minute ago and find it difficult to cross a week

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I really want to reach 90+ days but don’t know how to resist these urges

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It’s ironic that as I am reading this post I have completed exactly 105 days :joy:.

If I can do this you guys can too, wish you all the best.


Bro first define a strong reason why you want to get that streak and write that down, then whenever you feel an urge take deep breaths, look at the reason that you wrote down and think is it worth giving in? Then to fulfill that dopamine need do what you like to do, may be watch some good movie or show, listen to music, go outside, play, Do anything anything but realpse and you will thank yourself later for not giving in.

I want a streak of Lifetime.


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