1000 Days Nofap Challenge

Heya! Brothers, @anon33149587 @ali4th

This challenge is made only for 3 members of this forum. If you’re willing to join us, please update yourself before 15th of June 2021.
:confetti_ball::trophy: Challenge starts from June 13 2021

:point_right: You don’t have to relapse till 1000 days.
:point_right: It is mandatory to check-in daily.


I DID A PRIVATE thread and included you both did you not recieve notifications ?

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No bro, I didn’t got any notification about that. Please do it again. :slightly_frowning_face:

How about now did you get it ?
Check your messages

I don’t know if notification is working or not but my screen is on this thread, so as and when you replied I got to know. :neutral_face:

So nothing to see yet ??

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Please dont tell me its all in vain !!

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Sorry brother, I thought a notification outside the must pop out but it’s there in forum page only. I just saw, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful private thread. :blush: My fault, I didn’t checked the notification. :frowning_face:

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Its all good brother no worries!

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Yo , don’t make a private challenge so that we also can keep an eye on you guys …

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I’m in, show me some guidance

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