100 Days No Fap - My Experience so far

This is at the request of andy 7505 for my experience of completing 100 Days No Fap

First off, lets have some background knowledge. I have been masturbating to porn since I was 11. I am 33 now, almost 34. That’s 22 years of self destruction to women on a screen. To this very day, none know of those women I masturbated to know of my existence. None know my pros and cons. None know me the person. Yet, I thought I knew them because of their sexual actions. I was dead wrong.

Masturbation has caused me so much grief that became normalized:
Not knowing love nor having a girlfriend
Losing my hair very early
Poor concentration and memory
No muscle nor physique
No Confidence (at all)
Social anxiety to the highest degree
Objectifying women
Feeling alone all the time

Then I found this app around November of 2019. I made the decision that I wanted porn and masturbation conquered…FOR GOOD. But these are addictions and I need accountability. This app and community were perfect. Since November 5, 2019 to December 4, 2020 I have masturbated 17 times in a span of 21 days. I had small 3 - 4 day streaks. But when I relapsed, I relapsed HARD. 4 - 5 times in one night.

What got me to 100 days of No Fap? Anger

I was angry that I couldn’t control myself and seeing other men have the life I wanted. Angry that for 11 years, I showed zero growth. Angry that women looked right past me like I did not exist. Angry that I cared what women thought of me. So I started my streak the night of December 4th and never looked back.

First 10 days were BRUTAL. The Universe tested me everyday. Social media, women in WWE, easily accessible porn on my phone, women here in California pratically naked, it was rough. But what made this streak different was my main three goals (I am keeping to myself) that were more important that women, sex, even me and my urges.

Days 11 to 21 were crazy because I had a spike in testosterone. Gym sessions were better, talking to women became easier, social anxiety was slowly diminishing, and my focus started coming back. 21 to 30 was good but not as good as the last 10 days in terms of confidence. Days 40 to 50, I flatlined and got a little down on myself. Briefly, I forgot my reasoning for doing this streak and almost relapsed. But I wrote my reasons down on paper and in the journal on this app. That got me back on track.

Day 50 was special because something I lost awhile ago started to come back. My creativity.

You don’t focus on sex and pleasure, your creativity spikes. Now you cant sleep because of all these ideas in your head. Your anxious because you have all this new found energy. Wtf do you do with it?

The answer: work on your purpose.

NOW IT’S TIME TO DO WHAT GOD PUT YOU HERE TO DO! From 50 to 90 is when your mindset starts to focus on what you want in life. The 90 day mark feels amazing because thats 3 months of not doing a self destructive habit and working on you. That’s self love. That’s what’s missing. Self love and purpose. Your purpose isn’t sex. Thats something that will occur when you work on being your best self.

Now at a 100 days, I realize I am strong and that I have self discipline. THIS IS HOW PEOPLE BECOME WEALTHY. Self discipline begins and ends with you.

Do not do No Fap for some monthly challenge. Its fun but beating a 30 day challenge is NOT your goal. Don’t do this if you don’t care to find your passion and purpose in life. Don’t do this if you think No Fap will solve all your problems. It will not. Thats YOUR job. No Fap is a battery to help you do things you need to do to succeed in life.

Before you start, have a big goal. Huge! This goal is your driving force to conquering PMO. Know what you want out of life. Do NOT focus on sex on someone you want to have sex with. Your big goal is bigger than sex and everyone else. This is what keeps my streak strong. And I am still not looking back. I am proud of myself.

I hope this helps someone.



You phrased this just right.

Damn right. Like Craig Perra says (if you don’t know him, check him out): “The cure for this affliction, is the aggressive pursuit of a great life”.

Thanks for sharing.


Hey ! U live in California brother…? And i have a same same journey as u… Im 17 ,26 days streak i wanna ask u something,…!