100 days celebration!

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Current streak - 100 days
Highest streak - 100 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - PL

Why I want a companion - basically I’m aiming at a small celebration of my 100th day and looking for everyone who in would like to take a stroll along. Walk with me, friends! I’m also looking forward to talking to you if we happen to need some support. I’ll mark a handful of milestones before another 100 days.

1st week: 27.11.2021
2 weeks: 04.12.2021
4 weeks: 18.12.2021
60 days: 19.01.2022
100 days: 28.01.2022
200 days: 08.06.2022
265 days: 12.08.2022 (my first year)

Who’s with me?


Well, :tada:CONGRATULATIONS @someBody13


Congrats @someBody13 :partying_face:
Keep moving forward :fire: :fire: :100:


@someBody13 BRO


I am join this journey with you… its hard decision for me but anyhow I want to quit this Addiction. (I haven’t done so long so that’s why I used the term “hard decision”)
I will share everything but I need someones support… From one who have some experience in how to hold on urges, as well as wont give in to urges(in low streaks) when mind playing tricks with us.

So, actually I need your support… if you can, then I will also extend my hand to help as much I can.


Hey man, good to see a fellow friend intending on thing the same path! Let’s do it like this - whatever might be of help to the community, we can share here or on a fresh topic, and whatever send in need of privacy, you can write me in a PM.

On all steps of road remember, you’re not alone!


I wanna join you too @someBody13

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I’ll join!! S.C. fv39jh

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Congratulations. This is no small feat. I’ll happy to join you. @someBody13

This my sharing code ------------ k4mu8e

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Wow congratulations brother :100::fire:
You touched a milestone
Always in together :crossed_swords:
Sc 1dm46a

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Congratulations j… Keep rocking :trophy::trophy::partying_face:

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OK, Guys, many thanks for giving me your support and companionship! I’ve intended it when I created this topic and now I’m attempting to shift it to a separate Accountability Group topic.

@Adioz_aka_Adidas @BlackMagic123 @ChristianMan @mradio @piyushchandak
We will be the founding six, should you accept to go into this. Whatever will become of the group, will be, but I’d be happy to have a try at it anyway.
Are you in? :smiley:


Way to go @someBody13.

I am 100% in and really excited about the possible positive outcomes of this group.

Awaiting feedback.


Yeah in brother lets go



I am in… Whatever the situation may be… I have to quit this anyhow.

When actually we are starting that challenge or accountability group??

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Well, in short, as soon as the topic is up in the board - it’s already being processed by admins, I hope.

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This is great @someBody13 brother! I will also join you.

Im actually doing this nofap for my spirituality. Lets do it!

My code - 03yy70

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