100 day starters

Why I want a companion:

I’m searching for other motivated, serious people who
are looking to improve themselves.

I grew up with porn, and at my worst I would consume it so often it started messing with my mental image of women, sex etc. This filled me with an immense sense of guilt, since that’s not who I want to spend my time on earth being. Since then I’ve been pretty on and off, and greatly reduced my usage but never managed to break the chains entirely.

Personally, I’m going to quit all pornography and other suggestive material during this 100 day period (not planning on stopping there, but having a clear goal always helps).

In order to actually complete this challenge, and not let your porn-induced compulsive behaviour control you, it’s crucial to focus on constructive activities, such as studying, family, or a hobby.

When everything else feels hard, DON’T give in because it’ll only give you happiness for a very breif moment and then afterwards you’ll feel EVEN WORSE. I KNOW it’s hard to stay motivated in difficult times, or even when you’re just bored. In these moments, it’s most important that you put your mind into other, more constructive tasks and distract yourself from your urges.

Oh, and about urges. Don’t just go around thinking about porn all day and how much you crave it - learn to dismiss those thoughts and to rewire your brain into being more attracted to the thought of an intimate, REAL relationship.

If you share my philosophy that we’re doing this to become better people and focus on matters more imortant, I’d appreciate if you added me so we could help each other reach our goals.

Sharing code - 2df3gs *

Current steak - 0 days *
Highest steak - 30 days *
Age - 20
Gender - M


It is really what is this about. Since I started nofap my max streak was 6 days, and average 3 days, but now I want a change for real, I want to live my own life doing useful things and forget this futile PMO. I already quit P for 3 months, and don’t wanna go back now and never.
My code: e828d8

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