10-14 day accountability *Maybe longer*

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I just finished 7 days and now I’m restarting and pushing 10-14 days- jump on board if you’d like, this could go on much longer if you’re willing to continue to fast. No Sex, No Porn, No JACKING OFF! Great time to start that new hobby or 3 you’ve been wanting these past years! Its all about staying busy, focused and creating healthy habits. Be sure to reset your counters- let’s get some goals checked off in our lives! :smile:


We are shaped by our thoughts;
We become what we think.
When the mind is pure,
Joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.


Great to hear, WWF. Saddle up and let’s take this journey together!

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No giving up even if its irritating. Take cold showers.

What has help me so far was changing my whole day. I’ve started waking at 5am running, meditating, and doing a lite work out. I started looking up different ways to make money- mostly in sales and am currently looking at getting a new job at a auto dealership. I’ve realized I need to rethink everything I do in my daily routine and making proper changes if I’m going to make this fast sustainable and long lasting. This has helped me. My first step was sitting down and writing a letter to myself asking and answering- what, when, why and how- I’m going to get to where I want to be. Write until tears come to your eyes and bleed everything on paper… best of luck, brother.


Encouraging brother. I am now currently in day 4. Keep going man and never stop or surrender. We can do this ! Nofab can’t kill us! It will only make us stronger. A long with No PMO. :fire:. I will start writing letter to myself. Its a new thing for me. But I think your right since your brain will react to that letter.

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Going hard in day 4, have plans to visit new cities and explore. Meditate for a while as well. And try to read a whole book in a day. The book part is challenging but I can do it. I don’t care if I fall asleep while reading it lol. If i never try I won’t gain reading stamina.

To be The Man, you have to be The Man.
To be The Man, you have to be The Man.
To be The Man, you have to be The Man.
To be The Man, you have to be The Man.
To be The Man, you have to be The Man.
Take onwership, take extreme ownership!
It’s your responsibility, take onwership of the good and the bad in Your Life!

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.
-Zen Chi

I watched a YouTube video a couple weeks ago about no fap and the guy was talking about how, when you masturbate your basically ridding yourself of being a man. All of that built up energy, sperm, drive and motivation- you’re releasing it so that you can feel more like a female… Calm, content and waiting for young strong clad to come and swipe you off your feet and tell you want to do and show you what you want. – paraphrased–
But this got me thinking, how do we feel after hidding away and squeezing one out? I definitely do not feel masculine, confident, secure and motivated. I personally just want things done for me, I don’t want to work after that and I especially don’t want to work after a binge of masturbation. So it make you think, even though this may be true or not…

Just some food for thought

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