1 month nofap and nothing changes

Hello there. Is that only me or are there more guys that didn’t feel any changes after 1 month? I don’t see more confidence in myself, I don’t feel increase of life force, I am still getting annoyed by simple things…


Yeah thats me to a T. I’m also feeling the same.

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Man from what I’ve gathered it sounds like your mentality is wrong. You may look inside of yourself to see if you still desire it. If any part of you still says you’ve given up something, that’s the problem. Easy Peasy Method really does a good job of describing this.

The true confidence build isn’t just abstinance, you have to build yourself up with it. When you go 30 days and finally say “I kicked it! I’m free” and truly believe what you’re saying, you will feel great knowing you’ve accomplished it. However, if you go 30 days and your mind says “wow, this is all I get for giving that up?” You have set a course of regret until you finally look at it more optimistically.

Lastly, there’s been great changes to you that you just haven’t realized. I had a 37 day streak a while back and I had the same opinions as you right now. I relapsed and realized that I actually did recover some things. Upon relapse I felt down, had no energy the next day, and had no motives, then I had the chaser effect, which brought back every bit of my introvert ways and lustful thoughts towards women. I was not able to see these changes previously.

So I encourage you to take a look at yourself, see if you’ve improved. If not, than simply rejoice in the fact that you’re a month in! That’s a great accomplishment! I’m trying to get back there myself but I’m partially in the exact same battle you’re in. So drop the feeling of “why am I doing this” and replace it with “hell yeah! I did it!”


See let’s get sorted first nofap is not like an power or blessings that will be given upon you, it’s just your life going as it is
In that course of time you have to realise yourself and overcome those problems or mistake you did before and overcome those hurdles that were reasons for your failure
You overcome those problems you get confident

If you want to feel some real benefits of nofap and semen retention then bro wait for atleast 120-140 days you will sense the change in yourself


It also depends on the seberity of your addiction

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I am on the same boat as you you need to go atleast 6 months to see some changes till then you are stuck in the flatline. I recommend you watch anna lembke podcast on andrew huberman youtube channel to know how addiction works

If u guys think there is nothing u achieved in this 1 month, god forbid but if u relapse then u will get to feel how amazing that one months was.
U r not going to get any super powers but it will feel like being yourself and what u can be in ur life- “A happy and peaceful person”


Thanks for all your replies. They made me stronger! :slight_smile: I am close to 2 month of no fap. I start to feel that that sexual tension in me is back. Because of masturbation I didn’t feel that I need sex and I was’t thinking about having sex at all. Now… That tension is back… I want to have sex with my wife, but I try not to. I want to have that 3 months abstension from any sex activities.

Wow , is your wife ok with you not having sex :flushed:

Well, because of masturbation problem we had no sex for like 1 year. Obviously she is not okay, that is why I started to do something about myself.

One year :flushed:. You are lucky that she didn’t look for other men to satisfy her .
Man change yourself before this habit ruins your marriage completely .

Don’t expect much.
Because expectation hurts.

I stopped. I just try to live freely.

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