0 procastination challenge![21 days challenge]

The rules are simple:

  1. Select a single task/activity which you are gonna do for next 21 days

  2. Select amount of time(minimum)in one day you are gonna spend on that activity for next 21 days.

  3. PMO is not allowed during this period

  4. Report if you have done your task everyday

  5. If u relapse or fail to do your task one day during those 21 days you are elliminted.

For eg: i will study x hours for next 21 days/ i will meditate x minutes for next 21 days

To participate:

  1. Give your name
  2. Give your sharing code
  3. Give your age
  4. The task/activity

Thats it! Be true to yourself!

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Entries close tomorrow



Participant Task Time
Athman read book x mins
Praveen study 8 hour
Dean_ambrose study 12 hours



Hey man i am in.
I will study everyday min of 2 hours (but ofc i will try as much as posible) !
My sharing code - gprrxa
My age - 16
When are we starting challenge today or tomorrow?
Greetings :v:


Hey brother!
Please add my name.
Paarth (16 M)
Task to do everyday- Read :books: Physics books (either textual or non textual) everyday for 90 minutes
Thanks alot brother :pray: :raised_hands:


I will study 15 hours a day.
18 Male
Let me join…

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Challenge will start from the day after tomorrow,
Tommorow entries are open for the whole day


Thats a great challege.
Add me

Im so lazy to read books but always wish to be a book reader. In my laptop i have more than 100 books but i have never finish even one. The last time i read a page of a book was last year, so let this be my challenge.

My name: Athman
Sharing code: j2kff5
My task: to read a book (regardless how many pages i’ll read or which book but everyday)


Can u specify how much time you are gonna spend on this activity in one day?

Check the score card and if there is any mistake tell me ok guys!

Actually for now i dont do studies. i do work.
So it is all about inspirational and life knowledge books. I think i shouldnt specify time for now.
To open a book to read itself is hard for me due to my busy schedule. So to open a book and read for everyday is a huge challenge for me, so let it be that way for now.

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I am eager to join this cahllenge.
22 years
Sc- q2wnau
My task is chant/meditation in morning for 21 days straight


Alright! Gotchu !
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So what about no PMO, should it be a must in those 21??.
Because i fear we gonna loose more people earlier in this challenge just because of PMO.
Which may lead them to stop even to do that new developing good habit.

I think we should make clear about this if someone do PMO or Just fap. Will be eliminated or not??. Lets make the rules clear for everybody.

Yes. It is a must to stay in this challenge otherwise you will get eliminated

Ok so if someone just watched a porn is out. OK.
All the best to all of us. This challenge isnt easy.

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Add me to this challenge
Name : Praveen
SC : kyzm6v
Age : 19M
Task : 8hr minimum


Pls add me bro

Name : Risinglion123
SC : 8uwuwa
Age : 19 M
Task : Complete study tasks

Since the tasks associated with studies changes everyday , I will mention it everyday and update on the next day


Add me also

Task: Study-12 hrs everyday


Add me bro @nofapstar123

Name : Kaiji.Itou
SC : 17cbqk
Age : 20 M
Task : Meditation

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Entries closed challenge starts tomorrow