0-5 days, recovery challenge Level: Easy

Back to zero.

How is 5 days easy?

For me its nearly impossible.

Start meditation. Don’t make it so hard for yourself.

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I believe this is a great idea.

Sadly I relapsed today with a lost streak of

2 days 20 hours.

Time to come back stronger.

0 days again. I keep relapsing.

It will keep happening if u dont transmute ur energy.

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How do I transmute the energy?

@Vortexkicker Sexual energy is transmuted through engaging in another activity. When the urge comes to you, think of something productive you can do to improve your life, and go and take action towards that. The urge will go away within a matter of minutes. Develop a habit of doing this with every urge, and you’ll find yourself becoming far more productive and accomplished. Not only that, but you’ll be abstinent, since you’ll be able to deal with every urge that comes your way.

Watch this 3 minute video explaining the process, it’s from a man on 1400+ days NoPMO:

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