Zerphryx Diary's

Greetingggg my fellow brother and sister !!

I’m Starting up my new diary to record of my experience in nofap.
yes, i have did many relapse and shit before. but ill start from zero from here diary.

Day’s 5 since relapsing.

Yesterday was a blast on a trip to island !!!
It was my first time experience in island and especially snorkeling. Attempting to float on the ocean was quite hard at first even with the help of life jacket for balancing.

My crush is also with us since we when in a group of friend. she seem kinda sad for not able to float and snorkeling with us and gave up halfway. Up until now… i still could not talk and have a good flow with my crush. She is kinda a busy for work and other stuff.

But !!! most importantly i was able to learn and try something new in this journey’s of nofap. And my biggest objective here is hope to recover myself and be able to socialize properly and be the best for her !!

WISH ME LUCK !!:pray::pray::pray::muscle::muscle::muscle: