ZERO Masturbation Challenge for 30 & 45 days... Who wants to become 👑 "THE KING"? (Entries CLOSED)

Hey Everyone, :wave:

This is SPECIAL CHALLENGE :crossed_fingers: for you

Who wants to Become :crown: “THE KING”??:thinking:

Lets see, who will be entitled as :crown: “THE KING’s Throne” ??


Why I created this group:-

I want, every companion here will find their true potential and gain the confidence & they will know, that they are capable to do anything in life whatever they Believe :fist: .
I am just the ray of hope for everyone who feels like they can’t get out of this darkness.

Rules of the challenge:-

Rules of the challenge:

  1. No one allowed to misbehave with anyone here. No abusive words(inappropriate for thread)

  2. If you want to Challenge anyone,
    You have to call out any one member whom you want to challenge(1 on 1) by using @ symbol or You can go alone(show your true potential) till the end of the challenge.
    The challengee, can either accept or reject the Challenge. But the process should happen within 1 week. If not, it will be considered that challenge is unaccepted. otherwise you can go alone too…

  3. :point_right: Any Challenger or challengee can engage with only one at a time. No multiple Challenges at the same time.

  4. Only Admin can change the rules of this group.
    Everyone have rights to speak-up/take a stand if we(any of the admin) doing wrong… i will try to solve your problem ASAP.

  5. if a person don’t relapse even after the (1 on 1) challenge or as a single challenger… he/she will continue receiving new badges on particular days completion. if anyone relapse then he directly eliminated from challenge.

  • Newbie badge only provided when you find your opponent to challenge/new joinee
  1. the one who lost the match should do one task told by your opponent in 1:1 challenge
    and for Single challenger any random one single challenger can give task

  2. One who do 0 times Masturbation till last day of the challenge(2020-07-23T18:29:00Z) he will be the king of this Challenge.
    The King can be either one person or multiple depends on who reaches Last day without relapse… But he must get all the BADGES.

  3. Challenges type:

  • 3 day challenge
  • 7 days challenge
  • 15 days challenge
  • 30 days challenge( only for New Challengers and W.C entries)
  • 45 days Challenge
  1. you’re free to share advices, any strategy, articles, videos, ebooks on PMO & on also about other topics such as productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, spirituality, self care, confidence, concentration, Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, exercises, relationships, Mental & Physical health.
  • :point_right: kindly use short keywords so that nobody get triggered by reading your comments.
  1. The Match will begin on 2020-06-07T18:30:00Z and finish on
    i.e. 45 days .
  • For new Comers & Wild card entry people match will start 2020-07-23T18:29:00Z ends 2020-07-23T18:29:00Z
  1. Kindly add yourself in scoreboard like this :-
  • Your name (share code) age- country- day-0 :point_left: write under "Credentials")
  • Your name Vs opponent name (starting date of challenge to till last date of challenge) :point_left: write this under "Ongoing Matches"
  • Name (Single Challenger) (starting date of challenge to till last date of challenge) :point_left: write this under "Ongoing Matches" only

:point_right: NEW JOINEE and WILD CARD ENTRY Companions kindly add yourself only in 30 days New Comers in both category Credentials and Ongoing Matches.


  • why day 0 in credentials because counting starts from 2020-06-07T18:30:00Z and 2020-07-23T18:29:00Z
    for N.C and WC Entry will be day 0 because counting starts from 2020-07-23T18:29:00Z and challenge ends on 2020-07-22T18:30:00Z
    SCOREBORD :point_left: click this link you’ll be redirect to scoreboard

{If you don’t update your SCOREBOARD by yourself before the challenge you’ll be considered as not participated in the challenge.}

  1. Everyone have to update their streak atleast on the day they getting the badges or you can do daily
  • –>Badges only provide when you update your streak on the same day…

  • kindly give your 99.99% for updating your streak, if you’re unable to do let me know…
    if you wont update continuously for 5 days then
    ,… you’re out of this challenge/direct elimination

  1. Those who do edging and watch p and psubs or do sex will count as relapse… As it is totally Hard Mode now…

once you cross the slipping boundaries ask help.
So, that anyone can help you ASAP.
(slipping boundaries: :- p* and psubs and touching yourself inappropriately)

Badges: (like image you will get)

Day 0 - Newbie Badge
Day 1 - One Day Champion Badge
Day 3 - 1 Star Badge
Day 6 - Fighter Badge
Day 7 - 7 day Champion Badge
Day 9 - Warrior Badge
Day 12 - Self Control Badge
Day 15 - Stronger and 15 day Champion Badge :muscle:
Day 18 - Leader Badge
Day 20 - 20 day Champion Badge
Day 21 - Confident Badge
Day 24 - Motivator Badge
Day 27 - Ultimate Badge
Day 30 - Best Badge/ THE KING Badge :crown:
Day 33 - Unstoppable Badge
Day 36 - Achiever Badge
Day 39 - Courageous Badge
Day 42 - Winner Badge
Day 45 - THE KING Badge :crown:

New Badges

(you will get based on your work in this challenge)

You get this Badge…

* GREAT JOB c256ebd29749a105cd7751ecdd903f22

(When a Companion spread Meaningful Motivational Content and when someone Relapse you Encourage & Motivate them in Meaningful Way to Continue their streak)

* Helping Hand ImageCompositionServlet

(When a Companion help a challenger when he needs help(when he feel Urge) in a Meaningful Way; one who help new comers(who don’t know about the rules of the challenges or how to edit the scoreboard) or a companion who help to update the streak of his opponent(only when they can’t))

* Stay Optimistic

{When Companion who motivate others & spread positivity( for Everyone in this thread)in meaningful way without using any multimedia(videos,images,gif,quote… etc / use your own creativity. you can write anything(it must be made by you)}

T& C :- *all the badges here have copyright if you want that badges you can join here but don’t use same badges anywhere in the forum.


Credentials:- :point_down:

-> 15 days challenge

  • Selfconqurer (hbfj3h) – 24y, :india: – 26d

-> 30 days challenge

  • Tagore (tn1ii4) – 19y, :india: - 25d
  • Martial_Beast (xatx66) – 21M :india: – 28d
  • CarnetDeBordMore (immanh)18M :fr: - 29d

-> 45 day challenge (on 24th July Result will be Declared for all)

  • Controller(xcyfic)18M :india: 23d
  • edistoretto (7aedf4) 19 - :slovenia: - 20d
  • nejihygua (5tenpz) 30 - :us: - 28d
  • BaldMC (lk8aai) 15M :india: 27d
  • The_virtuoso (eom7lb) 22M :kenya: 29d
  • areviking (v9paca) 21y - :brazil: - 28d
  • KlausMikaelson (r0xgeo) 17Y - :pakistan: 27d
  • Pingpong1(q2wnau)20M :india: - 19d
  • Rezboy247 (whxe2l) 16M :us: 14d
  • HappySoul (5x6e28) 21M :india: 15d
  • Aman1 ( rwxg04 ) 23M :india: - 22d
  • strongwillpower(j1jkyj)21M :india: 26d
  • ShivHanu (wyocpt) 30M - :india: 24 d

Existing Companion who are in challenge for 45days from beginning… Kindly Follow this clock to update your Streak :point_down:

45 days Counter for Existing Companions :stopwatch:


–> 30days for New Commers:- ( June 23, 2020July 22, 2020) on 24th July Result will be Declared for all

  • drago (hy2c5r) 21 M :india: =12d
  • 17ripu.jhala (4fcb57) 23M :india: 8d
  • Murshid(56e7am) 19M :india: =12d
  • Babaji98(j13txf) 22M :india: 9d
  • Chhava (87berl) 23M :india: -11d
  • Peter1505(yoyy3k) 18M, :india: - 12d
  • masterofemotions (8y8nm1) 20-:india: 12d
  • Saim (brmsng) 18M :bangladesh: - 3d
  • Ash_Matt (zs7f7h)–17y, :india: - 4d
  • Nari999(yxc4bh) 24M :india: 0d
  • Rowdy_Nik (nlyxyt) 25M :india: 3d
  • Feenax (w2f6sm) 20y :czech_republic: - 0d
  • wijMAN ( 7x7o71) 23M :india: 8d
  • Adioz(uce8d1) 25M :india: 6d
  • LASTCHANCETOSURVIVE dxttim 28M - :india: - 6d

Counter for 30days for new comers :point_down:



Ongoing Matches :point_down:

{officially Competition matches started on 2020-06-07T18:30:00Z (IST)}

& 24th,July 2020 (IST) 00hrs(day beginning) Match Starts for New Commers

-> 15 days challenge

  • Selfconqurer {single challenger} (8th June to 22nd June)

-> 30 days challenge

  • Tagore {single challenger} (8th June to 8th July)
  • Martial_Beast - (Single Challenger) (8th June to 8th July)
  • CarnetDeBordMore --(Single Challenger) (8th June - 8th July)

-> 45 day challenge (on 24th July Result will be Declared for all)

  • Controller - (Single challenger) (8th June - 23rd July)
  • The_virtuoso vs strongwillpower (10th June - 23rd July)
  • nejihyuga vs Aman1 (8th June - 23rd July)
  • areviking - (Single challenger) (8th June - 23rd July)
  • KlausMikaelson - (Single Challenger) (8th June - 23rd July)
  • edistoretto - (Single Challenger) (12th June - 23rd June)
  • BaldMC - (Single challenger) (16th June - 23rd July)
  • Pingpong1 vs controller (8th June to 23rdJuly)
  • HappySoul - (Single Challenger) (8th June -23rd July)
  • Rezboy247 - (Single Challenger) (8th June - 23rd June)

–> 30days for New Commers:- ( June 23, 2020July 22, 2020) on 24th July Result will be Declared for all

  • drago (Single Challenger) (24th june to 23rd July 2020)
  • LastCHANCEtoSURVIVE Vs BaldMC (24th June - 23rd July)
  • 17ripu.jhala Vs Adioz (24th june to 23rd July 2020)
  • Selfconqurer Vs Babaji98 (24th june to 23rd July 2020)
  • Murshid (Single Challenger) (24th june to 23rd July 2020)
  • Chhava {single challenger} (24th june to 23rd july)
  • Peter1505 {single challenger} (24th june to 23rd july)
  • masterofemotions(Single Challenger) (24th june to 23rd july)
  • Saim Vs Ash_Matt (24th June - 23rd July)
  • Ash_Matt (Single Challenger) (24th June - 23rd July)
  • drago Vs Rowdy_Nik (24th June – 23rd July)
  • Feenax {single challenger} (24th june to 23rd july)
  • WijMAN(Single Challenger) (24th june to 23rd july)

Welcome guys to this SPECIAL CHALLENGE

These badges will give the motivation which is required in small duration(time to time) in a long journey of NoFap.

Especially the ones who could not even think to cross 10 days without Fap. Just achieve these badges and you will end up with 45 days of large streak and from there it will not that difficult to continue your NoFap journey further.


I want to challenge @Adioz for 30 days.

What do you say brother?


Its not difficult as it seems…
I assure you that if you can reach 45days with small steps…
Then you’ll definitely reach 90days without any doubt.
Just focus on unlocking new badges …


I want to challenge with @Saim for 3d


Wait for @Saim to respond at least 7days.


@neo_150 I am in for 30 days.
Lets rock.


Sharing code- 87berl
Current nd highest streak-45 days


:bouquet: Congratulations Neo_150 and Adioz

You Received new badge(both of you) :+1:


But challenge will start officially on 2020-06-07T18:30:00Z (IST timing)


kindly read the rules of this challenge

decide who you want to challenge and how many days
then write under same category in scoreboard
Update scoreboard by yourself.


This is a great challenge. I love your initiative and grateful to have you guys @Adioz and @neo_150. By creating these challenges you guys are helping a lot of people. Keep it up my brothers.
I challenge @Brahmachari_17 for 30 days.


Kindly update your credentials in the scoreboard by yourself
As per the guidelines


I challenge @aapoorv75 for 30 days!


Don’t forget to update the sharing code and streak.

@Martial_Beast @Tagore

1 Like

Let’s do it!!



@aapoorv75 kindly update your credentials as well as make an entry under ongoing matches about your competition.


:bouquet: Congratulations @Martial_Beast and @aapoorv75

You Received new badge(both of you) :+1:


But challenge will start officially on 2020-06-07T18:30:00Z (IST timing)


I want to challenge @Tagore. Do you accept the challenge?


I accepted your challenge @Murshid.