Zero forever - Trouble breaking free

I just did my shortest streak ever. I went 19 hours before relapsed.

I woke up today telling myself, I can do this. I will make this day count.

Then I relapsed. Guess 1 day at a time doesn’t work either.

I am not asking for advice. I fail at applying it.

I want this disease too much. I can’t break free

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The only difference between relapse and no replace is your focus. If you focus on dick you will relapse if you focus on work, dick would not come into your mind. Now keeping this as the basis start working towards it, make a goal for tomorrow and work towards it. Once you are done go exersise, go out for a stroll or do something this consumes your energy.

Make sure ever If you are feeling horny, dont hold your dick. If you hold It: you will start jerking.

Just focus on some work.

I already finished my work week. I work Monday thru Thursday and get Friday Saturday and Sunday off.

I relapse every Friday for the past year and a half.

My emotions are all over the place and even though I live with my parents, Im 32, in control of my finances, own my own car, do fantastic at my job, improving on my conversations with random women and yet completely fail at this PMO thing.

Hmm, PMO is ruining us all, we must help each other cope with this.

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