Youtube suggestion


Suggest me some good channels on youtube u subscribed .


First of all… download Youtube Vanced from a Browser.

Youtube Vanced is the youtube version in which no advertisements come… hence no sexual distractions.

Youtube Motivational Channel For A Brahmachari in Hindi :
Govind Shunyam


xxx church, it’s against porn and masturbating

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I don’t know about that. Creators get paid by ads and surely it’s right for creators of content that we like get paid. Maybe if someone doesn’t like ads they can subscribe to YouTube Premium. And I find the ads to not be so bad anyway.


Anyway, here’s some channels I like:

Timeline - Contains full history documentaries. I recently watched a series of documentaries on the Plantagenets and War of the Roses. Game of Thrones is actually based on what took place during those events but I think it’s better than GOT since it’s what actually happened and understanding history helps us understand our world better.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard - Interesting vlog channel made by a Quaker who is deaf. It gives you an insight into what it’s like to be deaf but she doesn’t just talk about her disability like most recently she’s done a few videos on English history.

The Bible Project - Animated videos made by a Bible Scholar that explain the Bible. It’s interesting because he explores it from a scholarly perspective and might change how people view the Bible. The video on literary styles in the Bible is pretty good since a number of people don’t realise the literary styles in it.

CosmicSkeptic - Athiest channel that explores a variety of issues regarding religion, politics and society. I don’t always agree with him but I value his perspective on things and his presenting style.

Tifo Football - Animated channel that has a unique look at football. They bring up issues that people might miss. Even if you don’t like football you might still enjoy it.

Epic Rap Battles of History - As the name suggests this has fictional rap battles from historical and fictional figures that include Adam vs Eve, Cleopatra vs Marlin Monroe, George Washington vs William Wallace, Gandi vs Martin Luther King Jr and Moses vs Santa Claus.


I have a lot of suggestions, but just have time to put this here for now. Free audiobook version of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”:

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Vegan Aesthetics AKA Gabe Dawg, Aahana, Kasumikriss, Teshawn’s Adventure, Elisha Long, Captain Sinbad, Men of Mastery, Onepercentbetter, Dr. David Tian, Fearless Motivation. These will help with Nofap.

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