You're Not alone 😃( helping those who relapse daily or can't pass 30days)

My longest streak in this app is 2 days (I’m doing a longer streak right now, but I’m still stuck in Day 2)

My longest streak in life was less than a week…

I have never endured/achieved a no-fap week in my life

And I’m having the worst urges right now, Would someone please help me?



Can you do pushups until you exhausted?
Take a cold shower now.
Take a deep breath and think/concentrate from where this urge triggered from?

I recommend you to do Mission 1 & 2. That will help you definitely.




@VARAD bro don’t worry I am here for you…

Kindly think 100times and analyse then only write the answer of this questions…!!

Mission 1 :point_down:

Mission 2 :point_down:

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I got this addiction from since last 4 years, currently i am 17,my friend tell about this thing and I had breakup with my childhood love, bc of that i choice this part but after knowing that how this thing ruined my life I’ll started doing nofap from April,now but when i have started nofap for first time i,my score was 45 but after that i stuck, then again i have try then make 22 day clear but after that, i am not able to make single week of no fap, but i have promised to someone that i will not going to do fap for 10 days,
I believe i can🙂
Sry i am not having enough good English


@VARAD kindly think again & write it. Don’t be in hurry. and write everything in detail. If you really wanna change yourself.

Nofap is not going to make you happy anytime brother… keep in mind.

What kind of attitude and personality you’re taking about.
Okay then what you did to change your entire attitude and personality?

as per my opinion, abstaining from phone :iphone: won’t workout. You should use it mindfully.

If you want to limit your digital use join the challenge :point_down:

Is it laziness or procrastination.?

Follow 3second rule,
Whenever you see any women tempting, within 3seconds divert your mind somewhere else like you didn’t saw anything.
Keep in mind you shouldn’t look back when you did 3seconds rule.
And throw that visuals you saw out of your mind too immediately feed something else(not at all triggered one).

That means you’re wasting your time even you know… that you won’t get girl for sure(unless you try for it) . It’s time to study well and play games outside with your friends. You’ll get girlfriend anytime.

Dont know will it work for you or not but you’re closing the doors :door: from getting support.
I can say deleting or deactivating social media is great step I think. :+1: only if you’re doing for atleast a year.

You can join this challenge for limiting the excessive use of social media :point_down:

Hope you have a great days ahead :+1: good luck :crossed_fingers:


Even we believe you can do it. :+1:
Don’t think about Nofap just get busy in your regular chores.
Don’t let your mind think any lustful thoughts and don’t touch your pvt parts. Then I definitely can say you will recover ver well soon.


Today i got little bit lusty thought but i didn’t dwell on that


Every single time you defeat any urges give a pat on your back by yourself.

Very good @wick_op bro…
keep going :+1:


Many people asked me what is dopamine detoxification…??

So, here is a video link* check that out :point_down:

T&C apply*

*Before you check that I just want warn you that triggers :warning: might be there beware… :rotating_light: and ignore the Tiggery scene.
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If anyone wants to Start Journaling

Kindly start with these 3 #prompts :point_down:

Prompt 1. :point_down:


Prompt 2. :point_down:


Prompt 3. :point_down:



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@JinyBaba @harshdhakad @gusta4220 @someBody13

Kindly think 100times and analyse then only write the answer of this questions here… It would be helpful.

Mission 1 :point_down:

Mission 2 :point_down:

I am struggling to reach 30 days. My longest streak was 79 but ever since my longest was 30 days. I relapsed like an idiot on day 30 and have not been able to stop relapsinh. Currently on day 4


Ok, so here’s me, 25 years old and nursing and addiction which is akurat in its teens…

I guess I began by accident when I didn’t really get what is really going on and where it will lead me… and over the years I told myself innumerable number of times that I can break with it, but I never could.

Now I started using this app and basically got a week off, a CONSCIOUS week of, which is important, because involuntary breaks like vacation with other people or something, seem to be easier to me. But once I’m alone, it gets so much harder…

So guys, any tips on how to keep myself going against this flow and keep going on to two weeks, three weeks, more?

I’ll be happy if you follow me as well - having watchful eyes is a thing that helps me, that’s for sure, even if you’re watching virtually.

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I’m Gustavo, half of my life i’ve been watching porn but just about a year, a year and a half or so, i struggle with this as an addiction. i already have self steem and insecurity/anxiety problems that have only gotten worse. i’m in a new relationship and been trying to heal from this addiction but cant get past a week without watching or faping (my longest streak is around 15 days without watching and around 20 without faping). i already use blockers but they dont seem enough as they can be bypassed. thanks for the thread and for the support


My name is Harsh Dhakad, a computer science graduate.

Beginning -

Life was great i.e. balanced (1 fap in 3 days and no pressure) but after I decided to go for UPSC CSE exam (Bureaucracy exam in India). This exam requires atleast 8 hours of study everyday for atleast 2 years. So, I decided to quit pornography and fapping. I started a year ago, but due to extreme consistency this exam needs, it builds up pressure and to release that I watch porn.

Current State -

Maximum 4 day streak since past 3 months.
My best is 18 days which was last year

Why I want to be sober -

My health has degraded a lot, I have weakness that right now my leg pains when I walk. I cant study, my head aches.

Please, help me, I am begging you. :confounded::confounded:

Add me: 0c4zhx


@TheMan34 @someBody13 @gusta4220 @harshdhakad
First of all welcome to the community, I reckon you all are new members.
And welcome to this thread.
Just know you are not alone now on.
As per your messages you all have been struggling to make good streaks despite trying every possible thing so I urge you all to try one more thing. Read this book

It is the best method out there to get rid of this addiction, literally any user can find it easy to leave it. You just have to read and understand this book thoroughly and follow the instructions, that’s all it takes. all

I’d tell you a little about my no fap journey so far, I started no fap seriously in January 2020, I tried everything for a year and my highest streak was 19 days. Then one year later some angel in this forum suggested me this book, I only read the book halfway and felt like there’s no need anymore and I made a 134 days streak even though I never crossed 19 days before it. After it my streaks go like, 33 days and 46 days.
But all that because I read the book halfway, reading the book halfway totally diminishes your craving for PMO. But the later part of the book is important to avoid any failure in long term. This time I’ve read the book again completely, even though it has already been 4 days but I know I am never going back now. It is so good to be free.
I urge everyone of you to give this a serious read. Even making notes is recommended. Freedom awaits you all.


Book is good and it helped me reach 10 days without edging. But after 10 days I have started relapsing again and again. It’s like I don’t remember anything from the book.


Bro that might have happened because the brainwashing has taken a strong hold in your mind, it is recommended to give it multiple reads.
There are mainly just two reasons for failure with easy peasy:

  1. Failure to follow instructions. Follow all instructions seriously, the main instruction is to never go for that one peek, one peek is the only thing that restarts the addiction.
  2. Failure to understand it completely, which keeps the big brainwashing monster alive, that’s why multiple reads are recommended.

Then there’s the little monster, the slight feeling of craving, the neurological pathways that have been created due to the addiction. It just wants dopamine and nothing else. Though once you remove the brainwashing completely this feeling can’t take anything from you, there’s no genuine pleasure in PMO it’s just a cycle of getting withdrawal due to leaving of dopamine and then relieving that withdrawal, it is just a chain reaction it won’t stop until you make a final decision to stop it and never look back, then also there’s mention of AVRT at the end of the book, know that the little monster that addictive voice is not you. You just have to know when your addictive voice calls you and wants its relief, just don’t listen to it and instead say “How good it is that I am free from that addiction now. Yippee I am free”, you’ve made the right decision, the decision to stop and never look back, don’t mope just Rejoice in the fact that you are free.

I’d recommended you to give it a reread, and even note down the important points so that you don’t forget all that this soon.

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