You're Not alone 😃( helping those who relapse daily or can't pass 30days)

Hello Companions,
I have been struggling with this addiction of PMO.
So, one of my friend make this kind of thread in DM(some of them know already)
Same like that we can discuss anything here. Either me or someone else will help you definitely. Our Ultimate Goal is free from PMO

We will do anything to quit this addiction- this pledge we should take.

Why don’t we make this interesting?
I will give you missions like some questions which somewhere help you on this journey as well as in your life.
Every task get rewards…

Before we go further I wanna remind you this is not the Challenge.

It is a thread to help one who need support. And sharing advices as well as you can share trigger free any content (if any of your content have triggers kindly mention :warning: triggers might be there)

You guys can share nofap videos, and books and useful information on other websites.

This tread dedicated to @aashutoshjha3663, and some other friends are there who helped till now. Heartly thankful to then you guys owe me one.

if anyone wanna join just introduce yourself “how you got into this addiction & since how long you’re struggling with this addiction?”

so, that we will know each other well.

If you don’t know then I will help you…


In july it’s the same for me I was good in may-june was able to cross a week atleast easily but now it’s all relapse after a day or two and a week looks like a freaking huge obstacle
My last relapses that I remember go like this

1 day
19 day
0 day
4 day
3 day
1 day
0 day (relapsed thrice that day)
6 day
1 day

And right now only on 6 hours(only porn):…
This thing sucks and is devious
Before I know it I’m over at the nsfw sites the adblockers would work out but there’s always loopholes to find your way through them
Even if it’s not at all fun anymore I can’t control
Headaches/burnouts/exhaustion is pretty common these days

All that helps is being productive which kind of gets hard to maintain discipline after some days or sometimes just mere hours


@Prox don’t worry brother I am here for you… Stay with me.
you can share more if you wanna do it.
Tell me what made you relapse last time? Cue-trigger-action??
Don’t worry nobody judge here.

Remember whenever you feel urge report here…
Make sure before writing any triggered story :warning: keep this sign before.


The last time was today morning when I woke up early studied well for 2 hours then procrastinated through social media and P*rn

Memes mostly


I’ve been masturbating for 3years now, I’m just 15 I started since 13 and I’m now an addict, I need help badly


Crane, you are not alone. I myself started since I was 13 & am now 26. Still at it, but the most important thing is that you’re here & you know you’ve got a problem. That in itself is a big step. Trust me I know. For starters, getting support & staying busy is key. Literally joined this site a few hours ago for the community & already paying off just by focusing on talking to you instead of fapping. Also would recommend exercise if possible, you don’t need much equipment to get started. Would recommend THENX as a good channel on YouTube to guide you with working out & in turn beating this.


Thank you so much, I literally joined minutes ago, I hope it helps :pleading_face:


Please can we chat on WhatsApp


I’m in same situation my relapse hasn’t reached 4 days , I go through severe headache and other stuffs, it also makes me depressed :persevere:


I don’t have WhatsApp, & remember how I said I started when I was 13 & am now 26? That’s 13 YEARS with this addiction, & I’m really trying to avoid any more slip ups. Just recently started on getting my licence, but would be glad to talk; just only on here if you don’t mind. PS Saw your other post about the depression & headaches, this is a really bad sign man. And all the more reason you should commit to beating this. Similar symptoms are also seen in recovering drug & alcohol addicts, my one of my cousins & a friend were both addicted to drugs which is how I know. And I have not seen either of them for years. What happens is that porn & other addictive things give a dopamine spike that the brain gets used to over time. Which is why you need more and more porn to get the same feeling. The symptoms your talking about are your brain adapting to being without those constant boosts. Get to bed early, eat healthy; definitely exercise now but also stay hydrated. Water is essential in all bodily functions. Especially when working out. For working out is a natural dopamine source, look it up.


@Crane welcome to this thread brother…
If I can help you with anything without hesitation you can ask me…
I will do as much as I can.

Headache you will get because of heavy dopamine injucted in your brain at the time of relapse. So, now it’s getting normal… Just have patience… And don’t act when you feel the urge & don’t fight… Let them pass what you can do is use that energy in useful way either in workout or any work where too much energy needed.
At the time of urge we get lot of energy inside us… Now it’s your choice how you choose to use it for your benefit.


Thank you Very much I really appreciate ur care


I got addicted to porn at the age of 13-14. One of my friend he just ask me a question that do u watch porn? I was like what it is. Then, for the first time was introduced to porn. I was watching p*rn on a smart phone which my father just bought for cuasuall use. After coming home taking my mom’s phone and used to go to terrace and watching :eyes: porn. But was not introduced to masturbation. I was watching it 1 times in 2 - 3 days. 4 months later our phone got lost so, my addiction was like got over.I was not fully addicted to it.

1 years later…

Then , in 8th many of my friends just usually talked about hot girls, porn etc. I got attracted to it. I was not watching porn though we don’t have a phone at our home. But I was interested in talks. Then , suddenly one day they talked about masturbation and asked Me do you masturbate? I was like what it is ?:thinking: then I got introduced to masturbation and they warned me not to do it but in curiosity I tried it :pensive:. I feel the joy and feeling was like I am at heaven… In 9th I got my personal phone and stated watching porn and masturbation daily.
But didn’t know it will be a problem to me :pensive::pleading_face: As l am suffering now…
This is all about me a addiction about 4-5 years…


After that incident have you ever tried nofap before? Is this the first time?


No, before this app in 9th I tried quiting this addiction before also👍 but was not having motivation and people like you to share my problems.



See if you get dependent on motivation then you’re doing mistake because it’s(nofap) a habit for lifetime, and motivation lasts at least for day or two days that’s it.
You need to have strong reasons why do you wanna quit? What are the things which PMO stealing from your life?
If once you failed, have you planned for next time what you gonna do, if same circumstances and situation comes?
If you wanna quit PMO habit…
You need to replace that with other habit which is same exciting as PMO for you on the first visit.


I started when I was 13 with P and am currently 19. It started when I got home from school. I had already been looking at sexual Youtube videos before and had resisted watching porn. However, I fell that day. I remember it vividly. Looking forward to supporting all of you.



Your support will be valuable to us…
Thanks for being part of this group.

We will do the same at the time, when you need support.


Yes, brother I know motivation doesn’t last longer it exist somehow…
I want make myself committed, determined and hungry to overcome this addiction. I myself want to be a motivation for me…:fire::fire:
I am trying to adapt new good habits…:+1:


Hello everyone,

Kindly write this 👇 if you really wanna quit this addiction.

Mission 1:-

1. Why you want to quit PMO([email protected] Mastu*bation Orgasm)?

2. Write down reasons why you keep going back to porn and masturbation.

3. Write down your biggest triggers that lead to a relapse and how will you prevent yourself from being triggered.