You're Fighting The Wrong Battle

You’re Fighting The Wrong Battle

After about three and a half years of 100 day, 80 day, 70 day, 60 day, etc streaks that have all ended in blunder, I have realized something pretty huge in my opinion. Well two things. The first thing is that we’ve been fighting the wrong battles! If you’re battling urges then you’re doing this wrong! Let me explain.

When I had my 100 day streak, truth be told I lost that streak at around day 10 or so. You may be asking how? Well I stopped making the necessary changes I needed to make in my life. I went through those latter 90 days living pretty much the same life I lived beforehand, just without tugging my dick. Sure I had the benefits of more energy, more confidence, happier relationships with friends, more attraction from girls, happiness in general. The problem was that I was not securing this happiness with hard work. Think about when you get urges that are serious. They usually occur at home, and you are most likely in a spot that masturbation has taken place in the past, such as your bed, or at your computer desk. You most likely have the door closed and you’re most likely engaging in a sedentary activity that’s meaningless or boring. This is where I assume the urges get strongest for your guys, because this is where it becomes the strongest for me personally. You can sit there and fight the urge with willpower and even win for a decent period of time. The problem is when you’re in that environment it’s only a matter of time until you give in. Your caging yourself. You’re the alcoholic at the bar. You’re fighting the wrong battle. You’re fighting the battle of relapsing or not relapsing.

The right battle is the battle you have in your mind when you wake up early in the morning and you have the option of staying in bed or getting up and working out. The right battle is looking at all the unread books on your shelf and deciding whether you should put the fucking phone down and read them or not. The right battle is when you see that pull up bar you bought on Amazon three months ago, now sitting in you storage closet and wondering whether you should make that valuable change in your life of losing fat and putting on muscle. The right battle is waking up to a messy ass room and unmade bed and wondering if you should make it because a clean workspace (we all keep our PCs in our rooms so yes it is a workspace) could very well boost productivity. These are the battles you should be fighting. If you win these battles you have won the war my friend. A productive person doesn’t have the time or the energy to worry about or even have urges on most days. I personally now have an iron rule that I DO NOT lay in bed unless it’s late and I’m tired as hell from all the work I have done that day. Guess what? No late night urges because I’ve worked myself silly and now I just knock-out.

This leads me to my next point. To the people that do have these battles but lose and stay the way they are. You need to realize that your brain does not have your best interest at heart. It doesn’t want to struggle, it doesn’t want to change. We know that. We know our brains aren’t in the most healthy state. The question is WHY DO YOU LISTEN TO IT THEN? Your gut is who you should be listening to. Your gut is the one telling you that you should be making these necessary changes to your life…the problem is that your brain is whispering sweet nothings in your head and you follow it more and more so it grows louder and louder. Your brain is a junkie. You need to realize that and stop letting it make serious decisions about your life for you. If your brain says you don’t have to go to the gym at 6:00 in the morning, GO AT 5 FUCKING 30. Guys we all say that time passes fast. The problem is we’re passing slow. Get up, make shit happen, keep making it happen, and you won’t have to worry about these stupid urges. I remember seeing a post where somebody asked if anyone has ever consistently stayed on NoFap and never relapsed. I’m here to say if you truly embody the quote, “NoFap is NOT a challenge, but a lifestyle” then that person will be you. I’m saying this because I genuinely love all of you from the bottom of my heart. Have a great fucking day.

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Very nice. Trying to do all these. I have 6 books pending & procrastinating for more than a month


Agreed 100% fucking percent. This is the difference between people who whine about not seeing any benefits they were promised and the people who earn those benefits. Trying not to fap by sleeping the whole day, or raiding youtube the whole day on restricted mode or spending your whole day looking at NoFap memes or EVEN the posts on this forum isn’t gonna mean shit. This is something I’ve found telling myself lately. Comfort can go SUCK IT. Pain is where life is at. Thank you @rhybha


Yeah bruh

NoFap is good. But it doesn’t bring success/peace/benefits own its own. Its just a force multiplier, a tool, a weapon to become the best version of ourselves.

It wasn’t NoFap alone.
Its NoFap+Meditation
Its NoFap+Gymming
Its NoFap+Knowing the female dynamics
Its NoFap+Studying



Oh jeez

Bruh. Start small and please get over it.


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Amen. True David Goggins mentality :wink:
Stay sharp.


David Goggins mentality is different level shit.

We need to start small.

But yeah. This is how he reached it.

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Yeah man, We have our own battle…

In the warfield, sometimes the enemies get stronger so you need to retreat from your comfort base (your bedroom with hi speed internet) and look for another safer zone (Walk around or do some workout).


@rhybha :100: % true brother… The thing is we tend to fill that dopamine cravinf with other things…like web series,movies etc… we feel relaxed after watching this… because we gave some dopamine to brain… but we don’t recognize it… it does not effect that much as PMO but still we could achieve better than this if we did nofap properly…

Also I want to add one thing here… habits works on replacements(google it)… so in Nofap it is very important to choose your habit carefully… because that new habit is going to replace PMO… so make it sure that new habit is a productive one… this will help us in 2 ways… first curbing PMO and in addition we develop productive habits.

All the best everyone…


Very true.

Very similar to the usage of nicotine chewing gums to replace cigarettes.