Your story is my inspiration

I guess I should give this a shot.
My name is Joseph Bartlett Bletsas, but y’all can call me J.B.
I am an 18 year old young adult on the Autism Spectrum, and I have been addicted to porn and maybe fapping for about three years now. Let’s go into how it started,
I was curious about what goes on in Jail after criminals have been arrested and brought down to the station and therefore, I looked up something called CagedTushy, which is a lesbian jail porn site. From there I found XVideos, searched up more lesbian videos, and my porn addiction started. My dad found out about it at one point in the summer of 2015 and got mad at me for it. He set restrictions on the devices he found it on (the IPad and my phone). Unfortunately from there, my sneakiness began to emerge. I began to look up more porn on certain other devices, such as the computer and my mom’s former phone and I’d clear the history afterwards. Later I found masturbation in summer 2017, when I was watching a CagedTushy video after finding PornHub. I began to feel my dick in my undies and I gained pleasure from stroking it. From there on, I continued doing this and the porn and it wasn’t until 2018 that I can forward to my therapist, and then eventually my parents about my porn issue. From there, things got a little better, but unfortunately worse. I found spanking books on Amazon and from there looked those up and capped to them, I also fantasized about myself getting spanked and now here I am trying to get to this. I am from the USA