Your progress 💯

People are focusing on relapsing and urges to much.
If you have a minute or two, write down below and reflect:

°What improvements have you made since you started this new lifestyle?
°What were your goals now vs when you started NoPMO?

Share your stories brothers. Reflect on your life. Be grateful and proud of yourself. You’re on a Path to greatness. Keep walking on that Path.


I’m healing from social anxiety, while I was on PMO I rarely speak with other people other than my parents basically was an introvert but nowadays I’m speaking with other with much confidence and proper eye contact.

Also I feeling energetic nowadays and happy without a reason :slight_smile:

Personally, when I started this I didn’t had any goals I know something is wrong with PMO I haven’t even joined this forum when I started my nofap journey.

Still I don’t have any goals :joy: just no PMO :x: and be natural as a normal human should be…


The most noticable benefit for me is that i can give answer to the questions my teacher asks to whole class. Otherwise i never tried to answer to the questions. Brain fog is very less rn


Interesting topic @anon72572146

I’ve definitely learnt a lot about how my brain works, what triggers me and in general a lot about myself. I’ve connected more deeply with myself and learnt about my weaknesses and strenghts.

When I first started, I just wanted to quit doing porn and masturbation because I felt bad about it. Now I want to become a better version of myself, connect with myself more, connect with other beings and take ownership over my life.

Take care.

No comparison , there are of course big difference I have be more discipline to not touching , this make me very look to myself with smiling surprised how can I had been all this time without returning to this … I’m happy because I 'm sure that if I lose everything no fap I couldn’t lose it.

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Hi Brother,

It might be usefull to add the streak that gave us these experiences and improvements. It can give others an aim, motivation to reach that far as well.
So I’m on my 54th day of nofap.

My health improved since together with nofap I also changed to a healthier lifestyle. I’m actually at my 90th day since I changed my eating habits and 75th day since started exercising. I lost 8kg on this 90 day. My self confidence is way better. I think of myself as someone I can improve, not someone I am ashamed of. Also my thinking is clearer and more focused. It is easier to control my thoughts.

Goal at the beginning&now:
From the beginning and still now I think pmo ruins my life and it is a sin. I wanted to get rid of it. I also want to experience more honest feelings. I also try to heal from pied. These goals doesn’t changed.
What is changed is that at the beginning I wanted to do it to be able to have proper relationship with women. Now I’m at a point where I don’t want any relationship with woman. I’m looking forward how it will change as I keep going.

Keep fighting brothers!

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