You won't believe what happend


It was my 14th Day of NoFap and I’m feeling good when something went wrong! My rod (penis) was going crazy! It was moving left and right up and down and I didn’t know what’s happening!! It felt like my rod was masturbating by itself without doing anything to It!!! It felt like my sperm was going up my rod and was ready to bust the fattest nut I have ever busted in my life. I tried to hold it and I was successful. Please tell me what was happening because if my penis does the same next time I might lose It. :expressionless:


What? Holly i have never heard of something like this!


Hahahaahah… MAGIC rod.


Next time let it happen since you dont fap this way nor watch porn


Congratulation bro! Keep ur rod calm.


I don’t want to let it happen I’m still holding on tight! If I have to I’m going to choke my penis to death but I don’t stop No fap.


Thanks! This happend to me last night too but I grabbed my penis and calmed it down.


I don’t think it was magic. What I think it did is my sperm was controlling my penis and that way it was going all over the place but Idk.


I know! If this happens to me next time I’m probably going to see a doctor.


Of this is foreal then i think you should but if you are not suffering from anypain let it happen, its like werking up with morning wood we can’t help it. I would suggest you just loosen your clothes if you know what i mean for less stress.